Elementary School Lunch: 11/26 - Yuzu Yogurt

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Yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit originally from China, is super aromatic and has a strong tart taste. Whenever I see yuzu anywhere, it's usually a garnish or topping (its zest) or mixed into a dessert, or something like that. Today, our yogurt had tiny, tiny yellow spots in it, denoting the yuzu, and even that had a pretty strong taste. My students couldn't decide whether they liked it or not - but I did.

Besides that, today's lunch was oden, a typical winter dish consisting of loads of fish cakes with konjac, eggs, and radish. The pot the oden came with was stored inside the rice bin to keep extra warm, since the whole point is to have it on a cold day. Fortunately (?) it was a good day for this, because it's been cold and rainy, yet again. We enjoyed this with some wakame-gohan (seaweed rice), which was rather good, too. I was worried it would be nori seaweed paper mixed in, but it was actual seaweed, which gave the rice a bit of a salty kick. It went really well with the oden.

And finally, we had some salad, which was seasoned with ginger today. Lots of great strong flavors to go with the generally bland oden. At least, to me it's bland.

Bonus shot of that on Instagram (above).

Calorie count: 665