Friday Things: 01/25 - SAMURAI JACK, work-life balance, and pooch photography

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[Another week gone by! This week I'll announce my next Reading Challenge read. Yay!]

On Comics:

I had no idea there was a Samurai Jack comic, but I want to read it now!

Also, an Uncle Scrooge comic is starting up in April.

On Photography:

Really happy to see someone got permission to take shots of beautiful, gorgeous Cuba from the air.

Some great insight on photographing dogs, and a look at the life of an animal photographer.

On the Workplace:

Good read about fair/equal wages and talking about your pay with co-workers.

"Ultimately, it is companies that are quickest to realize that it is in their financial interests to care for the entire employee --not just the sliver of them that sits in the office for 40 hours a week -- that stand to gain the greatest benefits in the form of stronger loyalty, higher engagement, and top performance." - fantastic article about the work/life balance myth.

Stuff I wrote:

On Book Riot: Cool Bookish Places: National Palace Museum, Taipei.


Very disappointed to hear how King Tut's burial mask has been treated carelessly.

Stephen Amell has another campaign live, and at the time of writing there are still 5 days left to grab a "Sinceriously" tee to benefit Paws & Stripes as well as Stand for the Silent.

Very cool traveling exhibition featuring Star Wars costumes headed to Seattle from this month through October.

Nice little DIY instructions on making a Mickey-shaped jewelry dish.

[See ya next weekend!]

Linky Things: 01/13 - Indian Disney Princesses, Ghibli Film Foods, and Food Illustrations

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[Alright, this isn't even in the realm of late on Friday Things, so let's have some almost mid-week linky things today. Things have just been hectic - whoops.]

On Books and Comics:

I'm not one way or another about Elizabeth Gilbert but I love this cover reveal video for her next book.

New book coming out by First Second, and it looks great. It's called Dragons Beware! and it's being released in May. This book is part of a series. I've never read any of it, but I want to now.

On Disney:

e.l.f. came out with a Jasmine-themed beauty collection. Get it at Walgreens in stores or online.

A pal of mine brought my attention to this great documentary of four artists who worked on Sleeping Beauty and how different their takes are on a single tree.

AMRIT Photography is working on a Disney Project involving capturing Disney Princesses in Indian style. The series is called Once Upon a Bride, and it's stunning.

On Film:

Charlize Theron found out that her male co-star in an upcoming film is being paid more than she is, and she wasn't having it. Successfully renegotiated for equal pay. LOVE.

This video is super long, but someone went and recreated 47 foods based on Ghibli films and it's super impressive.

Stuff I wrote here and there:

On Panels: 6 Side Characters In Comics Whose Stories Should Be Told.

On Panels: The First Ant-Man Teaser Is Out and I have Questions (also: do read the comments, they're awesome)

On Tomopop: Toy Review: ArtFX+ Arkham City Batman (also, shameless plug/reminder I posted a hi-res, clean gallery of my photos on this site as well.

On Panels: Art Roundup: Character Spotlight on Riddler.


10 Great Adventure Trips That Give Back published on NatGeo is about making your dollars count when you travel. Not in the frugal sense, but in the "support locals" and ecotourism and saving forests and stuff.

Gorgeous illustrations styled with food by Anna Keville Joyce. (h/t BoingBoing)

Sir Ian McKellen is beyond adorable in this George Ezra music video.

[See you soon with more links]

Friday Things: 01/02 - First of the New Year

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[Happy New Year! Here's my first link dump of 2015! It's a little light since everyone's taking a break - we'll be back up to full steam in the next couple of weeks, I expect.]

Over at Panels, here's a roundup of the best of Women in Comics 2014. Great if you're looking for something new to read.

At Buzzfeed: 65 Books You Need to Read in Your 20s. I looked, and I've read exactly four titles out of all the ones mentioned, and one of them is just the first book of a series they listed, so I dunno, is that a true four, or a 3.3? Anyway, there's some stuff I've never heard of listed there, and others I've got on my wishlist for future reading. It's probably a good list.

Now that we're coming into a new year it's nice to be reminded this amazing article titled "Notes From A Boner" exists.

Xeni Jardin writes about her experience with cannabis and cancer.

Learn to draw Scrooge McDuck.

Great video featuring Chris Hadfield titled An Astronaut's Guide to Optimism. Great watch to start 2015.

I went to Taipei last week! You can check out some of the sights on my Instagram. It was awesome and fun and delicious.

[See you next week with more links to cool stuff!]

Friday Things: 12/26 - Year-end links

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[Heyo! This is the last link dump of the year. Whooooa.]

On Movies:

Laika has announced their next film!

Interesting conversation between a 5-year old girl and her father about Leia's slave outfit.

How to draw Hiro from Big Hero 6.

On Games:

Awesome episode of Nerdy Nummies in which you can learn to make Mario Kart turtle shells cake pops.

New Final Fantasy XV trailer!

On Artists and Social Media and Stuff:

A nice little post about why Stephen Amell (from Arrow) totally wins at social media. I love his Facebook page - if you aren't following it, consider it.

Great read, because I'm tired of it, too: "Stop trashing artists who disclose their finances."


The most adorable tea bag holder ever is a polar bear fishing in your tea mug.

It's a little late, but I like it enough to share for general festive-ness: "How to Decorate Your Bookshelves For the Holidays."

Great read by Annie Fitzsimmons about the Galapagos.

[Have a wonderful New Year!]

Friday Things: 12/08 - Comics Butts, Snack Subscriptions, and Penguins in Berlin

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[I know, I know - it's not the weekend any more. To make up for that, more links than usual, below!]

On Books and Comics:

Russell Brand was appalled to hear that his former school had its library cut, and has pledged the money to set that right back up. Very cool.

A colleague of mine filmed a great tutorial on making a book wreath. If you don't mind cannibalizing an old book, it's a great decoration idea.

A 7-year old girl who loves bugs complained to a publisher when she noticed a book she recently loved was labeled "for boys." Their response was to totally change the book series to be gender-neutral.

Funny quiz on Panels by a colleague re: comics butts.

On Travel:

Get a tour of Berlin with my pal Martin and his penguin pals.

This is a fantastic article about the benefits of moving away somewhere you don't know anybody, which is what I did when I up and moved to Japan. It's been such a great experience for me, and I hope more and more people give it a try.

On Disney and Theirs:

Some people who don't know Star Wars lore very well were really upset when they saw a black dude in Stormtrooper gear in the first Star Wars Episode VII teaser. Let's set them straight.

Being from Miami, scarf-tying isn't one of my skills. This helps a little bit.

The French poster for Pixar's Inside Out looks rad.

Stuff I Wrote:

On Panels: Holiday Gift Guide: Toys and Collectibles for Everybody

Also on Panels: Comics Fetish Vol. 10: Ugly Sweater Edition


If you love Japanese sweets and snacks (or sweets and snacks in general), there are actually a couple of subscription services out there to feed your cravings! My pal Lauren Orsini reviews one such service, called Oishi Fun.

The title says it all, really: "Why You Should Believe Shia Labeouf's Rape Claims."

If there's a tutorial somewhere for these Northern Lights nails, I need it. Wow, so pretty.

[Have a great week!]

Friday Things: 11/22 - Wizarding Tourism, DIY Sorcerer Mickey Ears, and Some Science

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[Another Saturday Edition~ well, it's better than Monday. Tomorrow, Sunday, there's a potato festival at my village, so I'll probably be updating Instagram and/or Twitter with pictures and stuff.]

On Disney (and theirs):

New Cinderella Trailer!

Neat little tutorial on making your own sorcerer Mickey ears.

I am Groot in 15 different languages is glorious.

Finally, here's a look at some more Inside Out teasers. Yes - plural.

On Science:

If you're interested in some tidbits about brains and stuff, read about languages that are "lost" in infancy.

Women's and men's bodies are affected by space flight in different ways - here's a look at that.

On Movies:

Do you like secrets and/or Princess Bride? This list is for you.

New Peanuts Trailer!

Stuff I Wrote:

At Book Riot: Wizarding Tourism: Harry Potter Experiences Around the World.

At PANELS: Comics Fetish: Volume 8 (weekly dose of awesome comics merch)

I vlogged! Here's what I'm reading this week.


Wonderful: An Open Letter to Men Who Still Don't Understand Street Harassment.

A pal of mine wrote this article about late night food spots in Miami - I've only been to one of those spots, myself, so I'm looking forward to trying the rest.

[have a great weekend! Monday is a public holiday, so lunch posts will resume Tuesday!]

Friday Things: 11/17 - Monday Edition - The Goddess Morticia Addams

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[Hah, I didn't forget about the link dump! I'm just.... late. Happy Monday!]

On Life and Happiness:

Take your vacation days! It's good for your health.

Very sad story about a dude who realized that he's wasted away his life instead of going after his dreams.

The Pope has some great tips for being a happier person, and you don't have to be religious to follow them all.

On TV, Anime, and Video Games:

I have always been aware of the Addams Family, but it wasn't until I rewatched the films as an adult that I came to see Morticia Addams as a woman to aspire to be. Here's a taste of why.

This is an interesting essay about what The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask meant to the author and why it's an important game.

Have an anime/manga/Japan-loving friend? My pal Lauren Orsini wrote up a great gift guide for the otaku in your life. I personally can vouch for the Just Bento Cookbook that's listed there, as I check it out of my local library pretty often for ideas when I want to mix things up. It's absolutely fantastic.


I'm a fan of the food at Disney World in general, but yeah, these "hidden gems" look pretty... yeah. I'm drooling.

Elido Turco goes into forests with a camera and a mirror and creates some truly stunning photography.

Stuff I Did Here and There:

Over at PANELS: Art Roundup: Spotlight on Groot.

On Book Riot: 5 Anime Series Based on Classic Literature.

New vlog!

[Have a wonderful week!]

Friday Things: 11/07 - Steampunk Spy School, Artsy Tourism, and Miami For Free

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[Another week gone by... and just like that, it's November! And soon, it'll be Christmas... ahhh~]

On Books:

Very pleased to know that one of my favorite book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, is going to Netflix.

Waistcoats & Weaponry, the third book in the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger has just been released! I'll be listening to it on audio. Check if the book tour is going your way.

On Travel:

Luis Simoes loves to travel, but instead of taking pictures, he draws what he sees. Amazing. You can also follow his work and travels on Instagram.

If you're visiting Miami any time soon (or currently live there and are looking for something fresh to do), here are some free or cheap things to do.


New Minions trailer!

Adorable 9-year old girl loves to dress up as Alice and other characters.

An 18-year old lady was elected as a lawmaker in West Virginia. I'm impressed!

Stuff I wrote and did:

Over at Panels: Comics Fetish Volume 6 - it was my turn to suggest ways for readers to part with their money this week.

I vlogged!

[Have a great weekend!]

New Gallery: Spring at Hitachi Seaside Park

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I was recently at Hitachi Seaside Park to enjoy the Kokias, these awesome round, squishy, springy bushes that go from green to red to dead around this time of the year. They're fun to look at and pose with for pictures. The only other time of the year I've been to that park is during springtime, when the Nemophila (Baby Blue-Eyes) are in bloom, and it's pretty spectacular. I was thinking about them today, so I'm posting a small gallery of the park as seen around Golden Week. Besides the Nemophila, there's this huge tulip garden that's just a sight to behold. Check them all out here.