Friday Things: 03/08 - Turning a Meme Around, and a Look at Mr Holmes

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[Happy International Women's Day!]

On Film:

There's a Sherlock movie coming out this summer called Mr Holmes, starring Ian McKellen as an elderly Sherlock. Anything with Mr McKellen will get my butt in a theater.

If you're into trivia and such, here are 15 things you may or may not have known about Beauty and the Beast.

And also, 14 things you may or may not have known about The Sound of Music.

On Photography:

Pictures of 26 places that look like they're from some kind of fairyland, but they're real.

Here are some great tips for improving your food photography. Great if you're into instagraming or food blogging.

Things I Wrote:

On Book Riot: 10 Bookish YouTube Tutorials to Up Your Book Nerd Game.


There's a dude who makes gorgeous costume dresses for his online shop, and he actually models them himself. Lovely.

A little boy with Down Syndrome loves Maroon 5 and when he had an opportunity to meet them, had a panic attack. Their response to that was pretty great.

The Salvation Army took that Dress meme and turned it into something truly great.

If you're interested in learning some Japanese history, here's a Crash Course video on the Heian Period.

[Have a great week!]

Friday ThingS: 02/22 - Misconceptions of Medieval Life and How to Draw Tinker Bell

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[Welcome to another weekend link dump!]

On Books:

If you read, watch, or play a lot of fantasy media, you might have a few misconceptions of what medieval life was like.

You could read samples of books that were adapted to Oscar-nominated films.

A fellow Book Riot contributor Nikki Steele listed 20 nonfiction titles that are about the lady human body. I intend to check a few of these out!

On Art and Photography:

A Romanian photographer went around the world and photographed women from 37 different countries for a project called The Atlas of Beauty.

Learn how to draw Tinker Bell.

Stuff I Wrote:

On Book Riot: 9 Excellent Mustaches in Literature Today.

On Panels: 10 Questions With a Manga Editor at VIZ Media.


If you're looking to improve your toy photography, here are some tips from a pal

Super cute - a little girl feeds crows and they bring her little gifts in return. The full interview should be live sometime this week.

Looks like Tri-Rail has an opportunity to get trains running straight into Downtown Miami, which would be super convenient for people who live in that area or along the metro in others. I kind of hope it happens - I think there are way too many cars in Miami.

[Have a nice day!]

Friday Things: 02/13 - Putting Spider-Man to Work

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[Oh hey, it's Friday the 13th! I'm not really superstitious, but it's always kinda cool when days fall a certain way.]

On Books and Comics:

Great DIY idea I'll be taking advantage of - yarn ball bookmarks. Adorable and easy to make.

I thought this was a funny picture by Hrjoe Photography in light of the Marvel/SONY Spider-Man news.

One of my co-contributors at Book Riot wrote about being surrounded by people who don't care for or understand your favorite reading genre. I think many people either have this problem or have enough preconceived notions about a particular genre that they may be part of it for someone else.

On Cool Moms:

This mom had her toddler pick out her outfits for a week, and the result was pretty great.

A few moms got tired of their girls wanting to wear clothes they couldn't find anywhere with trucks and aliens and things on them, so they made their own clothes line just for the girls who don't fit the gender stereotype. Go, them!

Stuff I Wrote:

On Panels: Comics Fetish (weekly comics merch column): Volume 18.


Great little round-up of ladies who aren't having it with reporters and their sometimes dumb/sexist/awful questions.

Very good, and important read about the way we teach our children to eat.

Some great tips for photographing couples (or people in general). Just in time for Valentine's Day.

101 Dalmations is now available on Blu-ray for the first time ever.

[Have a wonderful weekend~]

New Figure Gallery: ThreeZero's GAME OF THRONES Tyrion Lannister

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I've uploaded a new gallery with clean, hi-res images of ThreeZero's absolutely stunning 1/6-scale Tyrion Lannister statue from HBO's Game of Thrones. My review of this figure was published on Tomopop last week, so do check that out if you want my full thoughts. Really though, I have nothing but good things to say about it. The likeness is amazing, and I definitely want this to be prominently displayed at home, somewhere among the prettiest books in my collection. When that happens, you can be sure I'll do a second photoshoot showing Tyrion off in his natural habitat.

Friday Things: 02/02 - Monday Edition, feat. Cinderella, Mos Eisley, and Tokyo

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[Welcome to another week of... winter! And links! And stuff! Yeah, I know, I'm late. Here they are!]

On Movies:

Have another look at Cinderella. The bells are grating, but it looks pretty cool overall:

In case you're curious about what's canon and not in the Star Wars universe, and a reminder that even when things are taken off the canon, they still exist and you can still love them.

Over on Star Wars (dot com): 7 Things You Might Not Know About the Mos Eisley Cantina.

From/On Japan:

As it turns out, Tokyo is the safest city in the world. Osaka is in the top 5 along with it, and NYC is the only US city on the list.

Waaay too expensive, but these fruit-shaped note pads look so great.

Great little guide by my pal Lauren Orsini on writing anime reviews.

Stuff I Wrote:

At Panels: Comics Fetish: Volume 16 (weekly comics merch column)

At Panels: Art Roundup: Spotlight on Quackerjack (weekly art column)


Some tips for getting great photos in/of snow or when it's snowing, whether with a regular camera or a phone.

This might be my favorite Let It Go parody yet:

[Have a wonderful week!]

Friday Things: 01/25 - SAMURAI JACK, work-life balance, and pooch photography

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[Another week gone by! This week I'll announce my next Reading Challenge read. Yay!]

On Comics:

I had no idea there was a Samurai Jack comic, but I want to read it now!

Also, an Uncle Scrooge comic is starting up in April.

On Photography:

Really happy to see someone got permission to take shots of beautiful, gorgeous Cuba from the air.

Some great insight on photographing dogs, and a look at the life of an animal photographer.

On the Workplace:

Good read about fair/equal wages and talking about your pay with co-workers.

"Ultimately, it is companies that are quickest to realize that it is in their financial interests to care for the entire employee --not just the sliver of them that sits in the office for 40 hours a week -- that stand to gain the greatest benefits in the form of stronger loyalty, higher engagement, and top performance." - fantastic article about the work/life balance myth.

Stuff I wrote:

On Book Riot: Cool Bookish Places: National Palace Museum, Taipei.


Very disappointed to hear how King Tut's burial mask has been treated carelessly.

Stephen Amell has another campaign live, and at the time of writing there are still 5 days left to grab a "Sinceriously" tee to benefit Paws & Stripes as well as Stand for the Silent.

Very cool traveling exhibition featuring Star Wars costumes headed to Seattle from this month through October.

Nice little DIY instructions on making a Mickey-shaped jewelry dish.

[See ya next weekend!]

New Gallery: ArtFX+ Arkham City Batman Statue by Kotobukiya

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I've uploaded a new toy photo gallery featuring Arkham City's Batman, as produced by Kotobukiya. My review of this figure went up on Tomopop a couple of days ago, so for more detailed thoughts about this wonderful release, do check there.

I love this statue, and later this year, when I can get him in a better lighting setup and ahead of a different backdrop, I may just post another batch of photographs.

Thinking of Carp Streamers and Warmer Weather

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Now that it's getting colder, cold enough that I'm using my kotatsu (a low table with a blanket and built-in space heater to keep your lower body warm), I'm longing for the warmer days of the year. The image above of colorful carp streamers was taken on Children's Day, which is May 5th in Japan. It is neither cold nor hot that time of the year, and I'd be pretty happy if it were like that outside right now. Alas, I must bundle up.

Friday Things: 09/19 - Topanga writes, Alice in Wonderland toons frolick, and you, too, can paint with light

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 [Woooo, weekend! Alright special note: I'm building myself a proper website. This blog will be moved there, eventually, and I'm adding a bunch of other things. It's going to be awesome.]

On Books and Comics:

Amazon is doing the Family Library thing, so two adults and up to four children can share books and other things. Pretty neat if everyone in your family is also in the "Kindle family."

Danielle Fishel, who you might know as Topanga from Boy Meets World, released a memoir called Normally, This Would Be Cause For Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness this month. You can read an excerpt at MSNBC. I'm hoping my library will grab it by next year so I can check it out sometime, if only because the excerpt is interesting, but I wasn't particularly sucked in by the narrative. 

I love everything this geek dad has to say about raising a geek daughter who loves DC supers but isn't targeted in DC super merch.

Steampunk manga artist Madeleine Rosca started up a webcomic! Very exciting.

On Art and Photography:

Great tutorial on PhotoJojo about playing around with light, painting in colored lights, and other fun colorful stuff in your photographs.

The latest how-to-draw Disney character is Grumpy!

On Disney:

Cute tea party photos hoot with the new Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsums. I want them aaaall.

Even for me, as a rather petite individual, air travel can be cramped and frustrating. Carl Hiaasen chimes in.


Ghostbusters doughnuts are pretty cute, though I probably wouldn't eat them - I generally don't go for the ones with fillings.

Funny little video about spoilers and stuff. The video isn't actually a spoiler for anything. It's literally about spoilers.

[See ya next week!]