Friday Things: 06/19 - Drawing Joy and The Secret Life of Pets

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[Summer is awesome~ summer is awesome~]

The Secret Life of Pets isn't out for another year, but it already looks like something I must watch. Also yeah, this is how you do a teaser trailer. Looking at you, Zootopia.

Super rad collection of illustrations of various Disney animals as humans, based on factors like location and time, and it's lovely and diverse.

A little boy left his Hobbes plushie at an airport, and they were super cute about it.

I love the idea of a preschool combined with a home for the elderly.

Adult coloring books are my jam right now... I might have to grab that Skottie Young one, because I love his art.

How to draw Joy from Inside Out.

Love these photos of an artist interacting with some super realistic dog illustrations.

In case you need some affirmations and stuff for your life, here are some Disney inspirations "for your twenties."

There's a cool video series a dad is doing based on his conversations with his toddler daughter. He (a grown man) acts as her and a pal acts as him, and they recreate these conversations.

On Quirk Books: The Magical Art of Moving With Too Many Books.

On Panels: Comics Fetish: Volume 36.

And to round things off, here's a trailer for The Martian! So excited!

Friday Things: 06/05 - Balloon art and a TANGLED animated series

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[Welcome to another week of links I saw and did around the net. I also realize that lately this is the only thing I'm posting on my blog. That'll change soon. Promise!]

The first teaser trailer for The Good Dinosaur is out! This looks like it'll be fun.

Super cool balloon art by Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto. They're so detailed and amazing.

"We live in a culture that produces girls’ tops with narrower shoulder straps than boys’ tops, girls’ shorts that expose more leg than boys’ shorts, and then shames girls for wearing the clothes that are sold to them. We live in a culture that tells boys it’s OK to shed clothing in the heat in order to be more comfortable, but tells girls that their comfort is secondary to how others perceive them." I couldn't agree more.

"When he’s not singing or producing music, Akon is busy providing sustainable living options to people in African countries. The Senegalese-American singer’s initiative, appropriately called Akon Lighting Africa, aims to supply electricity to 600 million people in Africa who lack it with the launch of the Solar Academy." Amazing.

On Panels: "What the Flark? With GROOT, Less is More" (I take a look at Groot #1)

Wondering why Rapunzel has blonde long hair in this one promo image for the new Tangled series is making my head hurt. Especially when it states right in the article that it takes place after the film and before Tangled Ever After. Just... what?

Jon Stewart makes some smart points about Caitlyn Jenner's transitions (I pluralized on purpose there).

On Panels: Comics Fetish: Volume 34 (it was my turn again this week!)

I'll round things off here with this week's Friday Reads. What are you reading?

Friday Things: 09/12 - the return!

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[I've returned! It took a little adjusting for me to get back into the swing of things after my break, but things should be back to normal, now. Here's this week's digest of things that caught my attention recently.]

On Books and Comics: 

Ginger Alden, who was Elvis Presley's fiancée at the time of his death, is coming out with a book about their relationship during the last year of his life. Consider my interest piqued, though I'll probably wait a while to pick up a copy.

There's a great interview over at Comics Alliance with the creators of Lumberjanes. They have some wonderful responses to the questions that were tossed at them, about their outlook of the comics industry and where it's going, and how they feel about media for children.

On Art:

I'm usually delighted by pretty art done on post-its, and these paper cut-out post-its by Akira Nagaya are no exception.

How-to draw Minnie Mouse - cute and easy-to-follow video tutorial with a Disney Animation Academy artist.

Disney Princess portraits rendered into fine art paintings. Stunning.

I didn't know it was possible to create such beautiful artwork with... a typewriter!



On Tees:

If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli and like cute tees, you might want to check out Hot Topic.

Cool tee that Stephen Amell (from Arrow) is promoting for charity. Buy one if ya like!  




My pal Lauren Orsini has launched a blog with her husband called Gunpla 101. It's already rad, and it's only going to get better as they populate it with content.

(via BoingBoing) This guy covered 99 Red Balloons using red balloons to make all the sounds. Preeeetty neat.

[See ya next time!]



Friday Things: 06/20 - Mindy Kaling asks, WHY NOT ME?

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[Actually on time for once! This happened because my browser started going nuts when I opened too many tabs yesterday, and instead of bookmarking them I dumped them here. Yay!]

On Books:

Wil Wheaton created this opening theme for Game of Thrones based on the The Brady Bunch format, and it's fantastic. (via C|Net) (warning: some language)

Very cool: travel to the various locations Game of Thrones is shot. 

Mindy Kaling is going to write a book of essays titled Why Not Me? and I'm pretty excited.

EpicReads highlighted some literary fandoms that produce some great fanart. I'd take it further and include the likes of Eleanor & Park, Alice in Wonderland, and more, but yeah - fandom can be awesome sometimes.

On Disney:

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, this is a beautiful shot of the Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland Resort.

Jafar, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil's children have been revealed for the upcoming Descendants. Their costumes are pretty awesome.

Healthful food choices at the Magic Kingdom park.




The correct way to cut cake, according to math.

Another entry in the How to be Awesome column on Quirk Books by another awesome blogger on the team: How to be Awesome While Being Overly Enthusiastic About Other People's Dogs. I love this, and it isn't just because the author mentioned my dog's breed once at the end.  

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong did an underwater photo shoot for the art of it, not to sell clothes, and teamed up with a group of people who were dedicated to get the most amazing results, and... it's just magical. (via Neatorama) Read more about the shoot and what went towards it here.

This week's dose of SCIENCE is all about ice cream.

[Have a great weekend!]



Friday Things: 06/16 - design-a-baby

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[Another Monday edition... ahh!]

On Books:

Very cute dragon hair clip accessories for the Daenerys in your life.

First Second previews yet another upcoming graphic novel I'm dying to read, In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang.

Game of Thrones Dragon Sculptures

Lovely little dragon sculptures available from ThinkGeek (click through the image for the listing)

On Disney:

Nice little image gallery of fab Disney-themed wedding cakes.

Nick Pitera's one-man tribute to Aladdin (the Broadway musical) is fantastic. Must-watch if you're a fan of Aladdin at all!)

Shameless Self-Promotion (stuff I wrote/published here and there):

11 Author Quotations to Help Reluctant Readers Find Their Way (on BookRiot)

How to be Awesome at a Convention (on Quirk Books)

(snack video) Mr. Croissant Donut in Japan (on Japanator)


Awesome lunch bag drawings by a cool dad.

" infant delivered last week in California is believed to be the first healthy human born in the USA 'with his entire genetic makeup deciphered in advance.'" (say whaaaa?)

[See ya next time!]

Friday Things: 06/09 - in which Ursula the sea witch has her say

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[Another Monday edition - sorry! Here's the thing:]

On Disney: 

Comics Alliance has an exclusive preview of Marvel's Disney Kingdoms Figment #1.

Cute list if you're into Disney/PIXAR trivia: 10 things you may or may not have known about The Incredibles.

Great little DIY project: how to make coasters out of Disney theme park maps



On Game of Thrones:

George R. R. Martin is raising funds for two charities, and one of the things you can get for donating is horribly killed in Winds of Winter.

This is a fantastic article with some choice words from Sophie Turner in defense of her character, Sansa. 



On Comics:

The latest news from First Second is a look at their upcoming book (for September release) Julia's House for Lost Creatures, which looks delightful.

UDON Entertainment shares a look at their Art of Capcom: Complete Edition, which is slated for release in October. Check the link for a 16-page preview.




This interesting article made the rounds a bit on a few blogs I follow: "The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight."

Test your spelling skills.

[Have a great week!]



Friday Things: 06/01 - your own little infinite dungeon corridor

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[June already?]

On Books:

First Second have a book coming out in September called The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth, which is the story of zoo animals performing in a production of Macbeth. Sounds adorable.

25 fantastic nail art designs based on books over at Buzzfeed.

Cool news for Hunger Games fans - there'll be an exhibition touring the US in summer 2015.

On Games:

Some interesting reading material concerning Anita Sarkeesian and the topic of sexism in video games and fans of the medium.

Nifty video if you're interested in random trivia about Super Mario.

Art and Fashion:

This girl went to prom cosplaying as Belle, and she looked fantastic. One day I want to attend a fancy dress ball wearing that! (via CheezBurger)

I love watching people draw nice art, and I'm fascinated when it turns out to be the kind of art that looks 3D when you see it from an angle. See a cool video here.


"The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Depp is in negotiations to star as world famous magician and escape artist  Harry Houdini in Lionsgate/Summit’s The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero." (via Nerdist)

Interesting new product by ThinkGeek that reminds me a lot of the long hallway in Disney's The Haunted Mansion.

Infinite Dungeon Corridor

Infinite Dungeon Corridor

[Have a great week!]

Link Bits: 05/12 - I'm so dang excited for GOTHAM

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[Monday again...!]

Pemberley Digital announced a new web series, Frankenstein M.D. which will adapt Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. "...the series reimagines the title character as Victoria Frankenstein, an obsessive, eccentric prodigy determined to prove herself in the male-dominated fields of science and medicine." More info at this link.

(viaThe Mary Sue) Check out this interview on Entertainment Weekly with Bruno Heller about the upcoming series Gotham. It officially has got me excited to watch. A choice quotation, "One of the great things about the Batman world is [the characters] have no super powers. Nobody flies or leaps over buildings. You start with psychology and that’s where we build from."

"Take a look at some of the early sketches and visual development art of the characters before their final designs were complete."

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Link Bits: 04/06 - cheating your way through wall decor

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[Today's my last day of Golden Week vacation, and it's all cold and gloomy outside. Booo!]

Whether you have drawing/painting skills or not, this is a great way to ensure the masterpiece you want to transfer to your wall ends up looking perfect.

Anthony Bourdain published a great discussion about Mexico and all the Mexican things (and people) Americans enjoy, and yet, "Why don't we love Mexico?"

Knowledge can save your life. Some quick tips on surviving a lightning strike.

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Link Bits: 04/14 - Olaf is rocking the princess outfits

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[Happy Monday!]

(via BoingBoing) Olaf is dressed up like Disney Princesses and I can't stop laughing at how charming this artwork is.

Okay, Amy, you've sold me on Lumberjanes.

(h/t to Shannon for this one) This is kind of an old one, I remember seeing it a few months ago, but the beautiful gown made out of Little Golden Books cropped up again recently and I had to share. Check out pictures here, and an interview with the designer here.

[Enjoy the week!]