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WAYWARD MANOR Scare Guide: Chapter 1

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I've finally started playing Wayward Manor, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I want you to have fun with it too, so I'm writing this guide with tips for getting all of the scares. Or at least, as many of them as I can decipher. Everyone gets stuck playing games with puzzles, and there's no shame in looking up a few solutions.

Chapter 1:  A Long-Awaited Reunion


In this attic room, you need to scare a burgling ruffian called Benny. You only need six scares to clear, but which ones will you employ, and will you go for all of the Secret Scares? Here are all the scares I achieved, mostly in no particular order, but numbered nonetheless:

Important note: Once you get the six scares and one big skull is floating at the top of your screen, it's still possible to continue scaring and messing around before you chase out whoever is in the room. Clicking on that skull will end this stage and let you move on to the next.

1. There are two bottles up on the rafters. Click the one to the right once to get Benny to move into place, and again to smash him over the head with it.

2. Manipulate the windows and the plates on the wall until you get Benny in position to knock the left-side bottle from up on the rafters down onto his head.

3. Manipulate the plate and window on the right side until Benny is in place to whiz another now-clickable bottle at him for a scare. This bottle will go from where it is at the boom of your screen, straight up and to the wall.

4. Repeat task 3, but move him to the left side of the room until you can throw the 4th bottle at him.

After a few scares, the coat rack should also become clickable. What it does is entice Benny to charge it like a bull. You can move it across the room using drafts from the windows. The coat rack requires a little planning - you can click on it at any point while it travels across the room to stop it and start the bull-charging action.

5. Get the coat rack in position straight up from the cart on the bottom-right of your screen stacked with china. You can get the oaf to charge straight into the cart for a scare.

6. Getting the coat rack in position for the left-side china cart is slightly trickier, because it wants to stop in front of a random low table. You have to stop it yourself at just the right time.

7. While Benny is stunned from running into a china cart, move the coat rack to the center of the room and click it again - he'll charge straight into the china cabinet behind the chest.

8. and 9. To get the plates hanging on the wall, you'll have to maneuver Benny around as before - getting him to charge to the bottom of your screen, then positioning the coat rack just so. It needs to line up directly to the plate, else he won't knock it down.

Secret Scares:

  • Bottled Up: Achieved by destroying all bottles (first four tasks on my list).
  • Grand China Crash: Achieved by Breaking the China Cabinet (task 7).
  • Bull in a China Shop: Achieved by breaking the China carts and plates on the wall. As far as I know, this is only achievable in a minimum of 7 scares (tasks 5, 6, 8, and 9). It's tricky and potentially frustrating if you don't notice you can keep scaring after you "clear" the stage.


1 and 2. Click on the hidey holes near the mannequins at the top of the screen to scare Dagmara with some rat tails as she walks by. She'll board up the holes after the scares.

3 and 4. You can scare Dagmara with the mouse two times. The first time, she'll board up one of the mouse holes, but it works the same way both times: have the mouse scurry along just as she's walking across its path. It might take a few tries to get the timing just right.

5. Open up the mouse trap and get her to walk right into it for another scare.

6 and 7. Send her diagonally across the room both ways (manipulate the mannequins to get her to cross the room) to nail her with the bottles up on the rafters.

8. Get her to walk past the suit of armor at the top-left of the room, and click it to send her flying across the room. Before she crashes into the cart on the right side, click on the other suit of armor to send her crashing to the bottom of your screen.

9. Repeat task 8, but this time let her crash into the cart at the top-right for another scare.

10. This task might require you to play this stage twice (skip tasks 3, 4, and 5 to avoid that), but it's required if you want to get all Secret Scares. Open up the mouse trap when it becomes clickable, and trap the rat with it by having it scurry across the room (and straight into your trap).

11. Get another scare on Dagmara by having her walk right into the trap while the mouse is in it.

Secret Scares:

  • Rat Trap: Achieved by completing task 10.
  • Ping Pong: Achieved by completing task 8.
  • Double Bottle: Achieved by completing tasks 6 and 7.


Dagmara and Benny are in the same room now, which makes things look a little more daunting and complicated, but I promise they aren't.

1. When Dagmara is at the bottom-left mannequin, drop that bottle on her head.

2. As she patrols somewhere at the top of the screen, drop the bottle up there to get her attention and line her up for another head-drop.

3. Toss the bottle at the top-left as she walks by.

4. Get Dagmara to the top-right mannequin, then touch a plate to get Benny turned around. Click on the flag across from him to get him to charge. He'll knock the plate from the wall and right over Dagmara's head. At this point, she should have a splitting headache.

5 and 6. You can get a mouse in the trap and scare Dagmara with it for a double-scare. Skip if you're going for Secret Scares.

7. You can also activate the mouse trap and have Dagmara walk into it herself.

8. Important: you should skip this task if you're going for the Secret Scares. Get the coat rack to the center of the room (in between the lines) and after getting Benny to turn around, have him run it through, straight into the barrel of explosives. You can score a scare in this way.

9. You can scare Dagmara without touching the mouse holes by having Benny charge the red flag at the right moment. When he hits the wall, the mouse will scurry across to another hole. If you get the timing just right and manage to give Dagmara two mouse-related scares without touching any mouse holes, you'll get a Secret Scare.

10. If you don't care about the Secret Scare, you can have the mouse scurry across her path by clicking on the mouse holes as she walks around her side of the room.

11. Position the coat rack just over the markings on the floor so it's lined up with the plate on the right-side wall. Get him across the room by charging the flag, then click on the coat rack to get him to run into the wall with the plate for another scare.

12. Click on the suit of armor at the top-right to bump the explosives barrel down, and the right side suit of armor to bump it all the way to the center of the room, by the boxes. Then, move the coat rack to inside the lines, and get Benny's attention. Click on the coat rack to get him to charge to the right, then again right away so he charges left, straight into the barrel. Dagmara will notice him when the boxes in between their sides of the room explode.

Secret Scares:

  • Plate on a Maid: Achieved by completing task 4.
  • Surprise Mice Twice: Achieved by completing task 9 (don't touch mouse holes).
  • Intruder Alert: Achieved by completing task 12.


Now we're introduced to another character, Hubert, who seems awful. His role in this stage is to shove explosives into things. Click on any statue/mannequin, and he'll scurry over to it and shove an explosive in its mouth, then go hide. It won't explode right away, though - you have to click on it again to get the fuse going, and it explodes a few seconds later from there.

1. Your first scare should be to click on the rat tail hidey hole as Dagmara patrols by to the bottom-right mannequin.

2. Important: this can go two ways depending on whether you want the Secret Scare or not. Activate the mouse trap and have the mouse run into it for one scare.

2a. From here, you can click on the mouse again to get Hubert to shove explosives in the mouse, and then click again to make it explode for a Secret Scare.

2b. Or you could just let Dagmara discover the trapped mouse for a regular scare.

3. You could also just activate the trap and let Dagmara walk into it.

4. Get scares on Dagmara by having a mouse scurry by her as she patrols. Reminder: a mouse hole is destroyed each time you scare her in this way.

5. Drop some bottles on Dagmara's head. Start with the one on the right-hand side in the usual way: click it once to get her in position, and a second time to let her have it.

6. Use the suit of armor to bump the cart with a mannequin/statue on top to the right, and drop the bottle to the left to get Dagmara moving. Before she makes it to the bottle drop zone, click on the top-center hidey hole for another rat tail scare.

7. Continue with the bottle scare, letting it drop on her head once you get her in position.

8. As mentioned before, Hubert has a penchant for sticking things with explosives. You can get a scare on Dagmara by exploding a mannequin/statue while she's tidying it up.

9. You can get a scare on Hubert by blowing up a statue that's sitting over his hiding place, too.

10. After completing task 9: With the cart wheeled over to the top-right of the screen, load it up with explosives, and when Dagmara's standing in front of it, blow it up for a double scare.

Secret Scares:

  • Double Tail: Achieved by completing tasks 1 and 6.
  • Double Bang: Achieved by completing task 10.
  • Exploding Rat: Achieved by completing task 2a.


For the final stage of chapter 1, it's just you and Benny again.

1. Drop the right-side bottle to get Benny to walk right to the drop zone for the bottle on the left.

2 and 3. Open and close the windows until you can drop the remaining two bottles over Benny's head as he walks by.

4. When Benny resets to the chest, open up the window at the bottom-left to make it slide away from him for a scare. Make sure he's engaged in tinkering with the box to spook him.

5. Get another easy scare by knocking the barrel of explosives away with the suit of armor, then manipulating the window and bumping the chest away from Benny again, towards the back of the room (the barrel won't scare him, but you can nail him twice with the sliding chest trick). Skip this task if you want the Secret Scares.

6 and 7. Get Benny to smash into the barrels by charging them with the help of the coat rack. Manipulate the windows to get it positioned just right.

8. Have Benny charge the red flag - straight into the wall. A bottle will fall on his head.

9. If you haven't yet, bump the barrel at the bottom-right with the suit of armor to explode the boxes at the top-right, clearing the way for Benny to charge the china cabinet. Bonus set-up: manipulate the window at the bottom-left to slide the chest into position to get bumped later in task 11.

10. After task 9: bump the barrel at the top-left with the suit of armor, straight into Benny. (This task assumes you charged the china cabinet and Benny's stunned)

11. After task 10: Quickly open a window to move the coat rack away, and use the suit of armor at the bottom-right to bump the chest towards Benny.  It's fine if Benny starts walking across the room, the chest will meet him somewhere mid-way.

12. Line up the coat rack with the china cabinet on the left side. Manipulate the lower-left window to get Benny across the room, and tag the coat rack to get him to charge that cabinet for another scare.

Secret Scares:

  • Haunted Chest: Achieved by completing task 4.
  • Triple Explosion Madness: Achieved by completing tasks 6, 7, and 10.
  • Chest to his Chest: Achieved by completing task 11

And with that, you're done with chapter 1! I hope this guide has been helpful. If I'm missing any scares or if any of my information is inaccurate, let me know! What I've listed here are simply my observations.

Friday Things: 07/26 - Spooky manors and Princes in Oz

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[Oh hey, summer break! Yay! I actually am not leaving anywhere yet, so I'm still going to be able to deliver here for a bit. Enjoy the links!]



On Books and Writing:

In case you need some inspiration for summer reading, I've found two nice reading lists this week. The first one is from Bill Gates. The second one is from the team at Pixar behind the short The Blue Umbrella, which was placed before Monsters University in theaters.

Some great advice for writers, though you could probably change "writing" here with any other skill/craft and it'd mostly carry over into relevance.

JK Rowling goes a bit more in-depth about how she came up with various aspects of her latest crime novel, including her pen name. Interesting stuff.

Shameless Self-Promotion:

I made a video about Chanko - the soup that Sumo wrestlers eat in order to get big and strong. I'm still learning the ropes with this video-editing thing, but having fun with it so far! I'll hopefully be taking some more video soon now that it's summer festival season. On the subject of videos, if you look at my sidebar, I've added a little widget there showing the latest videos from the GeekeryDo YouTube Channel! So, you could just click there any time to see what I've uploaded recently. Alternatively, you could just subscribe and stuff. That'd be awesome. 

I reviewed Ozma of Oz (the third book in the Oz series by L Frank Baum) for Bookalicious recently! It's good stuff. 

On Games:

Neil Gaiman is making a video game along with The Odd Gentlemen titled Wayward Manor. It looks like it's going to be awesome, and you could support the game now while its release is still a bit off if you wish.

A Prince of Persia game on my iPad? Yes, I'm interested.


Awesome story I tuned into via Commander Hadfield on Twitter - a man fled his country and ended up in Australia, became successful, and then tried to pay the government back for all the assistance they gave him when he had nothing.

A 97-year old man uses MS Paint 95 to create awesome art. What?!

If you're not sensitive to Game of Thrones spoilers, there's a neat essay on Book Riot about GoT and feminism. I admittedly had a kind of knee-jerk reaction regarding this subject throughout the first season of the show, but I've warmed up to some of the female characters in much the same way.

Who are the people with the longest life expectancy on the planet?

[That's all for today. Enjoy! I'll be back with more links next week for sure, with hopefully more comics, games, and book reviews in-between now that I've got some more free time. Yay!]