Friday Things: 12/12 - The most charming Grinch storyteller, gunpla shopping guides, and a Disney Broadway medley

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[It's getting colder and colder... we've even started getting small amounts of snow! I mean, it melts right away - it isn't cold enough for it to stick or anything - but still. SNOW!]

On Books and Comics:

A look at Amazon's best-selling books of the year. I'm pleased to see I've read exactly zero of these - it might provide some future reads if I'm stumped sometime in the future.

I have mixed feelings about the rumors re: Marvel and Sony and Spider-Man, but this passage in particular appeals to me greatly: "The idea is that the Spider-Man romance movie has been played out over five installments, so any new Spider-Man films would focus on the difficulties of being a teenager and a superhero with a romance side-story, not the film's focus. Marvel also thinks that the origin story is well-trodden territory, so any Spider-Man movies under this deal would begin with Peter Parker already leading a dual life." (via Latino-Review)

This little 5-year old girl signs a super duper charming rendition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas - love it~

On Disney:

The more I see and hear about Into the Woods, the more excited for its release I become. Now you can listen to Anna Kendrick sing "On the Steps of the Palace."

I can't get enough of VoicePlay's a cappella Disney Broadway medley.

Stuff I did:

I vlogged! Yippee!


I already shared my pal Lauren Orsini's holiday shopping guide for your anime fan/otaku pals in a previous link dump, but she recently shared another for folks who are into gunpla. It's great.

"Color Chasers" are these cool little gadgets that follow black lines and make sounds based on colors painted on those lines. They look pretty neat~

"25 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Miami" is on point. Bahaha.

"What Would Yellow Ranger Do?" Great comic about the struggles of looking different and getting that question from people with expectations, not curiosity.

[Have a great weekend!]


Friday Things: 05/04 - Golden Week edition

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[It's Golden Week, which is a string of public holidays in Japan, which means I am technically on vacation for slightly longer than the usual two-day weekend. Yay me?]

On Books and Comics:

Cool infographic illustrating just how incredibly tall the Tower of Sauron is.

These are some good words. I'll just share the title: "Why a straight, white, nerdy Spider-Man is no longer a real underdog."

Even more children's books coming from Disney Publishing, and the latest is a collaboration between Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios

Enchanting Hobbit hole ring made with super sculpey. I smell a weekend project sometime in my future.



On Science and Health:

Do yourself a favor and check your emails as seldom as possible when you're off the clock.

It's good to know that, in a pinch, if I find myself without my glasses or lenses, there's something I can do to see more clearly. And now you know, too. Well, you will if you click on that.



On Disney (and theirs):

A touching open letter from someone whose sister's day was MADE because of great Cast Members at the Disney Parks. By the way, the special guest of the day has early onset Alzheimer's.

Upset about what's going on with the Star Wars novels and how they're no longer canon? Here's a good response to that.




Bob Hoskins recently passed away, and his daughter wrote up a post on her blog with some advice that he'd given her. It's a good read.

If you want to party like you're in Westeros without guzzling wine or grog, consider making some Game of Thrones shot glasses. Look in the video description for a list of what you have to do.

[Enjoy the holdays if you're in Japan! Else, lunch posts resume Wednesday. Cheers!]



Friday Things: 11/02 - Penguins in Belgium, Tyrion quotations, and Hawkeye goes hardback

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[Halloween is over! It's a new month, and the weather is getting colder... brrrr. Warm up with some coffee and enjoy some yummy internet.]

On Travel:

One of my chums as Tomopop went to Belgium recently and took some plastic penguin companions with him to lead a tour for our readers. Previously, he took them through Venice. I can't wait for more.

Lame - some new planes are going to have even narrower seats for long haul flights.

On Books and Comics:

Game of Thrones fans might be interested in the newly-released book based on our favorite imp: The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister. Read an interview with its illustrator, Jonty Clark.

Check out all the titles that'll be handed out on World Book Night next year. April 23rd - mark your calendars!

If you've not read any of the Sandman comics, but want to dip your feet in without getting to heavily into spoiler/story territory, The Mary Sue offers a nifty guide regarding which comics to pick and choose.

Michael Crichton fans may or may not know that back when he was in med school, he wrote books under a pen name. They're being re-printed.

This is old news in internet time, but just in case: Larry Kasdan has stepped up to screenwrite Star Wars Episode VII, replacing Michael Arndt.

I reviewed a super awesome planner called the Hobonichi Techo, and even made a companion video for the article I posted up on Japanator.

More Weird Things...! Yay!

Wednesday, Nov. 6th - Hawkeye, Vol. 1 is out in hardcover! It collects issues 1 through 11. (via David Aja)

NaNoWriMo folks: beware when considering plugging song lyrics into your book!

On YouTube:

(via Cheezburger) Watch this video about how a few more veggies and fruits a day can improve your life drastically.

How to make Spider-Man candy apples. Yum.

Delightful book trailer for Chris Hadfield's An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth.

John Green explains the origins of various superstitions.

My latest snack video! Double Berry Pocky and Winter ed. Milk Cream Koala cookies.


I'm jealous of the folks who'll have the pleasure of having Neil Gaiman as their professor.

A look at con harassment and what we need to do to minimize it.

Cute story about how a man who needed a life-saving kidney transplant eventually married the lady who gave it to him.

iPad-exclusive Marvel Creativity Studio is out! It looks like a neat app for folks who want to learn to draw some of their favorite comics characters. You can buy a special stylus for it which also fully unlocks all its features. The app itself is free to download.

[Okay, so that was a bit longer than usual, too. Still making up for missing the week before last, hah.]

Friday Things: 09/06 - Life lessons from a bear and a dancing Science Guy

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[It's a little late, but it's still Friday in many places, so yay! Here's this week set of things I saw around the internet recently]

On Books:

(via Bookshelf) Rockin' Star Wars Millenium Falcon bookcase.

"Life Lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh" over at BookRiot. Beautiful.

Hugo Awards - full list and winners!

(via Twitter) If you ever wonder what ever happened to Clarissa (from Clarissa Explains It All), this might be the answer to all your burning questions. New book scheduled for release in 2014. I'm there.

Oyster is like Netflix for ebooks, and it looks amazing. All ya need (for now) is an iPhone. (further reading at BookRiot)

On Comics:

Ohio Dad was a bit worried about the costs of his daughter's wedding. So he sold his copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 to fund it. Yay, Ohio Dad!

New comic I'm interested in: The Star Wars, which will be an 8-issue mini-series adapting George Lucas' rough draft.

This couple not only made their engagement shoot horror-themed, they then turned the images into a comic. Very cute idea!

On YouTube:

You saw this coming, I'm sure. The latest video by John Green on Mental Floss. 107 Regional Slang Words.

New webseries, Ask A Slave, headed by a lady who was one (as an actor, of course) at one of those historical parks, based on actual questions and such she got while in character. 




(via Fashionably Geek) Legend of Zelda spiritual stone props as well as spiritual stone necklaces.

I reviewed an awesome art book for Japanator!  It's called 100 Masters of Bishoujo Painting, vol. 2.

Bill Nye on Dancing With the Stars? Looks like I need to figure out a way to watch this season.

[Enjoy the links, and have a great weekend. :)]



Friday Things: 07/27

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[Another Friday... another link dump! Hah!]

On general bad-assery:

I seriously love the "Badass Dad of the Day" column on The Daily What. All of the dads that are spotlit here totally deserve it, and this video of dad surprising his kid by dressing up as Spider-Man and taking him out for a fun trampoline park day is no exception. Seriously, watch it.

On games:

You all already have to know how excited I am for the upcoming Epic Mickey games. Here's another tidbit on Joystiq with Marv Wolfman and his insight.

Para-Norman is another exciting one, and now there's a movie tie-in game for iOS! It's free, and awesome, and actually complements the film rather well. Touch Arcade has a great review of the game (called 2-Bit Bub). I already downloaded it, so I'll put my thoughts down here later on when I've had a chance to play it through.

A while back when it launched, I wrote about Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom game, shared some pictures of my playing cards and expressed interest in seeing how the game developed. Disney have made their next move, and that is to create an extension of it you can play any time. It'll be available at the Parks first, and eventually at the Disney Store online.

On comics-related:

This isn't a spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises for those of you who still haven't watched it; check out this link for the purrfect $15 tee of "Bane Kitty." (via Fashionably Geek)

This is a wonderful illustration on comic ladies and cleavage.


Are you a fan of Farscape? Maybe just a little bit? It's being streamed by Nerdist now in re-cut "mini-sode" format. You should totally check it out.

Also spotted at Nerdist, Weird Al goes Face to Face with Pierce Brosnan and Rob Pattinson. It's.... well, it's funny.

[This is good for today. I'm also trying out a more "condensed" format, by not embedding all the videos and such to see how I like it. Do you have any feedback? Drop me a line.]

They always come back

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It has probably been a good 15 years since I was a regular comic book buyer/reader, but The New 52 has been a great excuse for me to get back in the habit. That and I don't have to rely on my parents' incentives to get good grades any more, seeing as how this was back in elementary and middle school; a time that I chose instead to get good grades for books and video games.

One thing I could do without is having to fight for every issue at my local comic shop. There just aren't enough comics in the run to meet the sales for first, or even second printings. It's annoying that I have to visit the store several times a month just to collect a few issues, and I don't even aim to get first print issues any more. I just want to read them, you know?

That being said, the #1's I've been able to nab up until now are: Batman, Batman: Dark Knight, Catwoman, Batwoman, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman (a month later), Green Lantern: New Guardians and Penguin. I've also gone and picked up the unrelated New Ultimate Spider-Man. Most of them are actually first printings cause I've gotten lucky, but I don't really intend to sell them or anything so it shouldn't matter.

Out of all those titles, I really didn't like Catwoman, but enjoyed the rest. I loved Batgirl, surprisingly! It apparently got a lot of flak for bringing Barbara Gordon back as the Batgirl instead of Oracle. While I agree that Babs was already a strong character (or even role model) as a female, and a disabled person, I don't feel like she was "ruined" by the reboot or that it's inherently bad cause she's back to being Batgirl. I had a great time reading the first issue and I'm sure I'll love the rest.

Batman has always been my favorite hero, so I picked up most of the Batman titles. Since I've also been curious about Green Lantern, I wanted to try out the new series, too. So far, I am really enjoying the regular Batman and Batwoman comics quite a bit. They're exciting!

Maybe I'll review some of them here. I may just wait until I get my hands on #3s and whatnot before I do so, since they just give you the story bit by bit. I don't like all the wait, and it's the same reason why I don't really keep up with currently running stuff, but I'm making several exceptions lately. Check back for more on this later!