Friday Things: 06/05 - Balloon art and a TANGLED animated series

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[Welcome to another week of links I saw and did around the net. I also realize that lately this is the only thing I'm posting on my blog. That'll change soon. Promise!]

The first teaser trailer for The Good Dinosaur is out! This looks like it'll be fun.

Super cool balloon art by Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto. They're so detailed and amazing.

"We live in a culture that produces girls’ tops with narrower shoulder straps than boys’ tops, girls’ shorts that expose more leg than boys’ shorts, and then shames girls for wearing the clothes that are sold to them. We live in a culture that tells boys it’s OK to shed clothing in the heat in order to be more comfortable, but tells girls that their comfort is secondary to how others perceive them." I couldn't agree more.

"When he’s not singing or producing music, Akon is busy providing sustainable living options to people in African countries. The Senegalese-American singer’s initiative, appropriately called Akon Lighting Africa, aims to supply electricity to 600 million people in Africa who lack it with the launch of the Solar Academy." Amazing.

On Panels: "What the Flark? With GROOT, Less is More" (I take a look at Groot #1)

Wondering why Rapunzel has blonde long hair in this one promo image for the new Tangled series is making my head hurt. Especially when it states right in the article that it takes place after the film and before Tangled Ever After. Just... what?

Jon Stewart makes some smart points about Caitlyn Jenner's transitions (I pluralized on purpose there).

On Panels: Comics Fetish: Volume 34 (it was my turn again this week!)

I'll round things off here with this week's Friday Reads. What are you reading?

Friday Things: 05/22 - One-Handed Piano Serenades and Manga for YA Fans

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[Oh hey, the Friday Things column is.. back?! Maybe. I think so. Okay here are my links for this week!]

Here's a look at Inside Out-specific kanji created by Sisyu, a Japanese calligraphy artist. I love the way she applied different emotions to her strokes for their names.

How long and far did Frodo and Sam actually walk? Cool look at that, if you're into these things.

Apparently there's music composed for one hand with small children in mind, so you can hold your baby with one arm and play with the other until they fall asleep. Genius. And pretty!

I had never given it any thought, but there is a reason why baby Groot freezes mid-dance whenever Drax turns his head in the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Japanese A Song of Ice and Fire book covers are gorgeous.

Take a tough Would You Rather quiz for book nerds.

Here's a cool recommendation list for folks who like YA and want to get into some manga. I've added a few titles to my TBR with this.

On Panels: this week's Comics Fetish was my turn, check it out.

[See ya next week!]

Friday Things: 12/08 - Comics Butts, Snack Subscriptions, and Penguins in Berlin

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[I know, I know - it's not the weekend any more. To make up for that, more links than usual, below!]

On Books and Comics:

Russell Brand was appalled to hear that his former school had its library cut, and has pledged the money to set that right back up. Very cool.

A colleague of mine filmed a great tutorial on making a book wreath. If you don't mind cannibalizing an old book, it's a great decoration idea.

A 7-year old girl who loves bugs complained to a publisher when she noticed a book she recently loved was labeled "for boys." Their response was to totally change the book series to be gender-neutral.

Funny quiz on Panels by a colleague re: comics butts.

On Travel:

Get a tour of Berlin with my pal Martin and his penguin pals.

This is a fantastic article about the benefits of moving away somewhere you don't know anybody, which is what I did when I up and moved to Japan. It's been such a great experience for me, and I hope more and more people give it a try.

On Disney and Theirs:

Some people who don't know Star Wars lore very well were really upset when they saw a black dude in Stormtrooper gear in the first Star Wars Episode VII teaser. Let's set them straight.

Being from Miami, scarf-tying isn't one of my skills. This helps a little bit.

The French poster for Pixar's Inside Out looks rad.

Stuff I Wrote:

On Panels: Holiday Gift Guide: Toys and Collectibles for Everybody

Also on Panels: Comics Fetish Vol. 10: Ugly Sweater Edition


If you love Japanese sweets and snacks (or sweets and snacks in general), there are actually a couple of subscription services out there to feed your cravings! My pal Lauren Orsini reviews one such service, called Oishi Fun.

The title says it all, really: "Why You Should Believe Shia Labeouf's Rape Claims."

If there's a tutorial somewhere for these Northern Lights nails, I need it. Wow, so pretty.

[Have a great week!]

Friday Things: 10/04 - Fight the Trolls, and Check Out Homestar Runner

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[Welcome to another Friday Things link dump! Now that I'm all settled in on the new blog, these should be back to normal. Enjoy~]

On Disney:

Beautiful travel posters inspired by Disney locations.

Super cute USB chargers that look like Disney characters dove into the outlet (they're butts!). I'd like one of each, please.

First trailer for Pixar's Inside Out! Yay!

On Books:

"I think kids are really smart. And I think they know the difference between fiction violence and real violence." and other gems of wisdom about writing for kids by R.L. Stine.

UDON Entertainment recently released another beautiful artbook featuring Hatsune Miku. I own their Kagamine book, and the quality is absolutely fantastic. See their site for an excerpt of the new release and buy links.


(via Geekologie) Interesting (definitely attention-grabbing) PSA about getting check-ups for breast cancer. Hidden bra camera.

Excellent post by Emily Gould: "Why We Need to Fight Online Trolls, Not Just Ignore Them."

Panels, a site/community for all sorts of comics fans, just launched this week! Do check it out. Also, I have a post up there already: Art Roundup: Spotlight on Zatanna.

Classic Game Controller Silicone Mold

You can buy these silicone mold controllers from Think Geek - they're great for candy- or ice- or cake-making, and cost just US$9.99 for a set of six (two of each of the three above designs). Click on the image to get to the listing.

Whoa... new Homestar Runner! Fisheye Lens.

[See ya next weekend!]

Friday Things: 05/04 - Golden Week edition

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[It's Golden Week, which is a string of public holidays in Japan, which means I am technically on vacation for slightly longer than the usual two-day weekend. Yay me?]

On Books and Comics:

Cool infographic illustrating just how incredibly tall the Tower of Sauron is.

These are some good words. I'll just share the title: "Why a straight, white, nerdy Spider-Man is no longer a real underdog."

Even more children's books coming from Disney Publishing, and the latest is a collaboration between Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios

Enchanting Hobbit hole ring made with super sculpey. I smell a weekend project sometime in my future.



On Science and Health:

Do yourself a favor and check your emails as seldom as possible when you're off the clock.

It's good to know that, in a pinch, if I find myself without my glasses or lenses, there's something I can do to see more clearly. And now you know, too. Well, you will if you click on that.



On Disney (and theirs):

A touching open letter from someone whose sister's day was MADE because of great Cast Members at the Disney Parks. By the way, the special guest of the day has early onset Alzheimer's.

Upset about what's going on with the Star Wars novels and how they're no longer canon? Here's a good response to that.




Bob Hoskins recently passed away, and his daughter wrote up a post on her blog with some advice that he'd given her. It's a good read.

If you want to party like you're in Westeros without guzzling wine or grog, consider making some Game of Thrones shot glasses. Look in the video description for a list of what you have to do.

[Enjoy the holdays if you're in Japan! Else, lunch posts resume Wednesday. Cheers!]



Link Bits: 'Beautiful Death' is a lovely recap of long gone GAME OF THRONES characters

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[Sorry it's been a little quiet this week! Things have been hectic at work, and actually, going forward until April 6thish, things might continue to be quiet here since I'm going to be on vacation. Nothing's really planned yet, so we'll see.]

Another Cars movie could be fun, but what I'm really excited about re: recent news from

Disney is making a sequel to The Incredibles. It's such a perfect movie about super heroes and I'm happy we'll be able to see more.

(via Nerdist) HBO + Robert M. Ball = "Beautiful Death" posters depicting character culls in Game of Thrones.

First Second is publishing a new graphic novel by Nick Bertozzi in August called Shackleton, about "Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic" 100 years ago.

New titles from VIZ Media in March (available now unless a date is noted; excludes continuing series like Blue Exorcist, One Piece , and the like):

  • Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma vol. 1 (digital now, print in August). If you're into food and school life sort of manga, this might be your cuppa.
  • Phantom Thief Jeanne (I've mentioned this one previously, so this is a reminder that it's out!)
  • Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo(u) (March 25th)
  • Chibi Vampire vol. 1 (March 25th, digital only; older title being made available again)
  • D.N. Angel vol. 1 (March 25th, digital only; older title being made available again)

Blurb for Tail of the Moon:

"A romantic ninja adventure! Kaguya doesn't remember who she is or why she has a huge scar on her back. Six months ago, she was found injured and unconscious in a field of bamboo. Now she works as a housekeeper and babysitter at a brothel, living her new life simply as '"Kaguya."' Kaguya's real identity is entwined with two men--Hanzou, a handsome bodyguard of Okazaki Castle, and Hanzo, a leader of the ninja village of Iga. Between amnesia and mistaken identity, no one knows for sure what kind of person Kaguya is. Only her distinctive scar will lead her to the truth..."

[See ya again this weekend with a big Friday Things round-up!]

Link Bits: 10 facts about UP that won't make you cry, I swear

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[Bits and Link and internet and yeah!]

I laughed out loud watching Hank's book rant, here.

PIXAR characters star in Oscar-nom'd movie posters. Not fun enough? Try the same with LEGO.

Very cool project headed by Marvel/Disney to include a comic in hospital care packages for kids. Wish it weren't a limited thing, though. Or maybe they'll make a fresh comic for the next batch?

Amazing Game of Thrones 3D chalk art of The Wall.

10 things you might (or might not) have known about Disney/PIXAR's Up.

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Friday Things, Monday Edition: 11/18 - Temple Run as a movie, Pixar's rise to greatness, and going tipless

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[Brrr... it's cold! But I'm good now, because I actually went shopping this weekend and bought myself a fleece jacket, fleece blanket, some gloves, and other sensible items. This weather will not get the best of me!]

On Movies:

Have you seen the movie poster for Disney's upcoming Maleficent yet? And beyond that, have you seen the trailer?

Apparently there's going to be a film based on the Temple Run games. What?



On Books:

Here's a great read by one of my co-writers at Quirk Books blog about how amazing Lemony Snicket is when it comes to teaching you new words. I mean, he's amazing in general, but in this respect, he's a standout.

In case you haven't heard yet, USPS is releasing Harry Potter stamps on Nov. 19th.

I reviewed a newly-translated/released manga titled Sweet Rein, written by Sakura Tsukuba and published by VIZ Media. It's a nice holiday read if you're into the fluffy romantic stuff.

If you're into Pixar and their work, you might be interested in a book they're releasing about how the company got started and their rise to greatness. 



On Identity:

It used to frustrate me when people asked me where I'm from, because what I identify myself as, culturally, is way more complicated than just saying the name of the place I was born. Now, I just tell people where I come from ethnically, because in the end, it's easier than the long explanation. Here's a good article related to this.

Hot Topic pulled a shirt from their stores when a bunch of people called to attention that its message was awful and wrong - and rightly so. Cosplay is all about having fun, not stressing out about getting every detail perfectly right. 




This restaurant owner decided to just have a flat service charge and stop taking tips, and the result is wonderful. I wish more stores did this.

My photo post this week was about my visit to Alcatraz.

If you're a toy/collectibles fan, one of my associate editors on Tomopop started up a link column of his own which will be posted every Thursday. Check out his first linkup, which features cake!

I also uploaded a video this week. This time, I eat a doughnut that looks like Snoopy's head.

[I think that does it for this week. Sometime soon, I'm going to go ahead and publish a holiday gift guide type thing for book nerds. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know so I can link it up! Any sort of shops with literary nick nacks or jewelry or apparel are perfect for this.]



Friday Things: 08/31 - End of Summer Break, Saturday Edition

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[So, it looks like I didn't end up skipping any of my link dumps while on vacation after all! Monday I'll be back at school teaching, so this is the official "end of summer break" link dump. I know it's late, and I'm sorry, so I'll try and make it extra awesome.

Upcoming things: My next post on GeekeryDo is going to be a food round up. I've been eating loads of delicious foods while on vacation, so I'll be sharing some pictures of those things soon. Depending on the amount of pictures, it might be a two-parter. We'll see.

On the same vein (food): Since school, like I mentioned, starts up again on Monday, that means school lunches will also be a thing again, so I'll resume my daily food posts. I didn't think they would be too popular, but it turns out people are actually interested in these things, so thanks for following along!

Finally: I've started up a tumblr blog. It's a side blog, and so far I've generally been sharing art I like, or following/reblogging bookish blogs. I've also put an "ask" box there, so if you've ever got any questions for me that aren't necessarily a response to a post on here, you can now just ask me there.

Alright, that's it for updates. On to the links! If you're seeing this from the front page, click through for the rest of this post. Thanks!]

On Books:

 A little bit about designing comic covers, from the perspective of Greg Ruth, who illustrated the cover for Fables #135 (Vertigo Comics). 

Children's ebook sales went way down, but overall, ebooks account for 28.7% of book sales. Not too shabby.

Not sure how I missed this, but here's a book trailer for Jeffrey Brown's upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Academy, which is being released in September this year. Can't wait! I just got his book Vader's Little Princess and absolutely loved it.  

(via GalleyCat) Like free ebooks? Check out this list of top 100 reads by 100 authors, with links to where you could download them. 

Aziz Ansari is working on a book, and Penguin Press gave him a US$3.5 million advance so he can research the subject of romance today, being single today, and how meeting/dating has changed completely, especially because of technology (smart phones, social media, etc). It's an interesting topic, and I'm looking forward to it. We've got a while to wait, though - Penguin has set an estimated September 2015 release date. 



On Photography:

"Actress Drew Barrymore has signed a deal for her photography book, Find it in Everything. This collection features pictures of 'heart-shaped objects found in everyday life.'" (via GalleyCat)

The latest Disney Dream portrait by Annie Leibovitz features Jennifer Hudson as Tiana. Here's a look Behind the Scenes




Ben Zimmer writes about the recent addition of "twerk" to the Oxford Dictionary Online.

GeeksAreSexy pointed me to two educational videos recently. The first is by Minute Physics, on the topic of "Science, Religion, and the Big Bang." The second is ASAP Science on "What if you stopped going outside?" Both are quick and absolutely worth your time.



Amélie is being adapted to stage musical! I'm pretty happy about it, but the film's director pretty much hates musicals. He apparently only agreed to it because all proceeds will go to charity, and he feels that's more important than his personal feelings on musical theater. Fair enough! The only problem I have with it is the musical won't have Parisian-style music. I'm reserving judgement until later, though.

Bob Peterson is no longer directing Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, which is slated for release in 2014. 

[That's what I've got for today. Enjoy your weekend!]




Friday Things: 09/21

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['m still having issues with my internet connection at home. As a result, I've been playing more games! I think I've clocked in at least 35 hours into FFXIII-2 for one thing, and I've been playing other iOS games and reading Life of Pi. In other news, life is good.

This week, I've got the usual link dump for you all:]

On gaming-related things:

The Humble Bundle is at it again! Check out Humble Indie Bundle 6 and pay what you want for awesome games.

Bonus Humble Bundle round: free music and more (Ubiktune Bundle: seven chiptunes albums for $1 - 5 more days at the time of writing).

I reviewed Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of the Sexy Planet for iOS on Japanator. Check it out (shameless self-promotion, I know). It's rather cute, and it's free.

On movie things:

I'm impressed and pleased to learn that for the upcoming Les Mis, the audio track isn't pre-recorded and lip-synched or anything. It's actually recorded live with the film. Like I needed another reason to go support the film in theaters.

Enjoy the Pixar Shorts? Volume 2 is coming out for on Blu-ray on November 13. It even includes La Luna, which was the short that came up before Brave this year. As a side note, I was a guest on Chaos Theater podcast for a discussion on all Pixar films and shorts, as well as a segment on a separate episode for Brave.


I've just received Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores, and it turns out author Jen Campbell is working on a sequel! I'm ridiculously excited for it.


Jon Shireman has been photographing flowers, then soaking them in liquid nitrogen and smashing them for an "after" shot. The images are beautiful, really. Check out Broken Flowers here.

We've got two contests running on Tomopop right now. First is our monthly contest sponsored by HobbyLink Japan: a photography contest with the theme "blue" this time. You could win some cool figures (three+ winners)! The second contest is for upcoming iOS game Hungry Shark Evolution. You could win a copy of the game and/or a plush. Three winners!

[That's it for this week. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!]