Friday Things: 11/22 - Wizarding Tourism, DIY Sorcerer Mickey Ears, and Some Science

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[Another Saturday Edition~ well, it's better than Monday. Tomorrow, Sunday, there's a potato festival at my village, so I'll probably be updating Instagram and/or Twitter with pictures and stuff.]

On Disney (and theirs):

New Cinderella Trailer!

Neat little tutorial on making your own sorcerer Mickey ears.

I am Groot in 15 different languages is glorious.

Finally, here's a look at some more Inside Out teasers. Yes - plural.

On Science:

If you're interested in some tidbits about brains and stuff, read about languages that are "lost" in infancy.

Women's and men's bodies are affected by space flight in different ways - here's a look at that.

On Movies:

Do you like secrets and/or Princess Bride? This list is for you.

New Peanuts Trailer!

Stuff I Wrote:

At Book Riot: Wizarding Tourism: Harry Potter Experiences Around the World.

At PANELS: Comics Fetish: Volume 8 (weekly dose of awesome comics merch)

I vlogged! Here's what I'm reading this week.


Wonderful: An Open Letter to Men Who Still Don't Understand Street Harassment.

A pal of mine wrote this article about late night food spots in Miami - I've only been to one of those spots, myself, so I'm looking forward to trying the rest.

[have a great weekend! Monday is a public holiday, so lunch posts will resume Tuesday!]

Friday Things: 08/01 - A Sumo diet and the daily sketches of Skottie Young

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[Oh man, it's August already! Also, yay, I'm back! Although, this month might be light because it's also when I'll be having my summer break. While I'm enjoying my vacation, I may or may not post regular link dumps. We shall see!]

On Books and Comics: 

Skottie Young is one of my favorite comics artists at the moment, and you can buy his latest sketchbook (called Daily Grind) right now.

Did you take advantage of that sick deal by Marvel during SDCC and sign up for Marvel Unlimited last weekend? Here's a great place to look for some direction if you are overwhelmed by the options.

Have an excerpt of Haruki Murakami's upcoming book Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage



On YouTube:

(via Cheezburger) Very cool documentary-type video about the diet of a Sumo wrestler.

Catch this Wicked medley by Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera.



On Cool People:

You might be surprised by what you'll hear if you ask a homeless person to tell you their story.

George R R Martin continues to be a totally rad and awesome person.

One of the things that will, guaranteed, get me to notice an author and look up their work is a fantastic interview like this. Hello, Amy Bloom!



On Disney:

Cute post: 11 steps to a better you with Winnie the Pooh.

How-to: Draw Anna from Frozen.

[Wow, I think this is the first time I've done a link dump without an 'other' category! Cheers, have a nice weekend~]



Friday Things: 07/04 - Passing the stormtrooper armor on to a little girl in need

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[Ooooo, on time this week! Yeah!]

On Disney:

Recipe from Disney Cruise Line: summer pudding (loads of berries included)

A preview of The Art of Frozen with a focus on the 2D art of Love is an Open Door. Buy it on Amazon.

DIY wire Minnie Mouse ears.

Cute new Disney Fairies short:The Pixie Hollow Bake Off.

On Comics:

Janelle Asselin wrote something important about Wonder Woman and feminism.

Looks like two new Gotham-related titles are coming out starting October from DC Comics. Read more about Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor at DC Comics' blog if you're interested. For my part, I'm casually optimistic about Gotham Academy.

The Mary Sue has a preview of Storm #1. Looks rad.

On Books:

I want to visit all of these indie bookstores.

(Hey, I wrote a thing!) How-To Tuesday: Fantastic Trees to Read Under and Where to Find Them.


If you're into animation, you should check out Glen Keane's Duet.

You can now have your cupcakes and eat their wrappers too.

Beautiful: Katie, who had been bullied and was awarded a custom set of Storm Trooper duds from 501st legion, found out about another girl who was going through a rough time with bullying, and she passed the armor on. Talk about paying it forward.

[Have a wonderful and safe weekend, especially if you're celebrating Independence Day! Remember to be courteous re: fireworks if you are near a combat veteran, and keep your dogs away.]

Link Bits: Red Lobster is only worth going to for the biscuits

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[Rainy evening]

(via BookRiot) Ampersand cookie cutter that I pretty much need. Neeeeeeed.

The only thing I care for at Red Lobster is their biscuits. So why go there? Just make them at home.

(above: Rosanna Pansino makes some Muppet cookies with Swedish Chef and Miss Piggy)

(via FashionablyGeek) Adorable Spider-Man leggings available from Wet Seal. I'm only slightly apprehensive because the last time I brought leggings from them, they didn't last long. Maybe their quality has improved since then?

New Disney Kingdoms comic series by Marvel and Disney featuring Figment: confirmed! More info about its creators and what's going into it by Marvel. The book is called Figment and issue #1 will debut on June 4th.

Friday Things: 03/09 - Alexandre Dumas' wild life, and Miyazaki's PRINCESS MONONOKE before it was a film

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[I guess my streak ran out. Also, happy "Spring Forward?"]

On Disney:

Another Marvel x Disney "Disney Kingdoms" comic series has been teased, and it may feature Figment! Yup, yup. Do want. More of this, please.

I mentioned the Mondo "Nothing's Impossible" Disney posters in a previous link dump, but here's a look at more of the art. I'd love to have any or all of these hanging in my home.



On Books:

Jeffrey Brown is back with more stories about Roan and his adventures in the Jedi Academy. I loved the first one, so I'm definitely on board for another.

Check out this great list over at Book Riot of gifts for your grammar-loving friends. If you're shopping for me, I like the tea cups and bookends *nudge* *wink*

Epic Reads made this fantastic chart of YA retellings. The chart has four major categories (fairy tales, mythology, Shakespeare, and classics), which are further broken down into sub-categories before the book recommendations appear. Great for anyone looking for a fresh read that'll feel familiar.

If you're a fan of Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke, you may be pleased to know that VIZ Media's Studio Ghibli imprint are releasing two books about it this year:

  • An "Art of" book, slated for release in August, which will feature a fresh translation and presentation of the existing book, interviews, concept and character art, and more. It's priced at US$34.99.
  • A book titled Princess Mononoke: The First Story by Hayao Miyazaki, which will contain original watercolor art by the master himself, presenting the story as it was when it was still a concept, years before it became a film. This book will also be priced at US$34.99 when it's released in October.

(warning: video auto-play) For World Book Day, The Guardian rounded up a few kids, dressed them up as characters from books, and had them interview the books' authors while in costume. Super cute.




(via Neatorama) A globe made out of cork so you can stick pins in it showing where you've been or where you want to go, created by Chiaki Kawakami.

Apparently, Alexandre Dumas was a wild and crazy guy.




[Have a great week!]


Comic Thoughts: X-MEN Vol.4 #s9-11

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While I wasn't looking, I missed not just one, but three issues of Brian Wood's X-Men. Whoops.

It's just as well, though. While I'm enjoying the story, my overall level of excitement has gone down as the art style keeps going all over the place. I'm still going to stick to it, though. I'm enjoying everything else that's going on with these books, for the most part, and the writing/pacing is still tight and exciting. Issue #11 left off at a great spot to leave me drooling for more.

The only minor problem I'm running into now is the cast has gotten huge, and I'm starting to mix people up. Since this is my first X-Men comic, I'm not familiar with a lot of the characters' given names, just their titles like Psylocke, Rogue, etc. Using the real names adds a lot to the narrative - I'm absolutely not complaining about it - it's just getting a little tough for me to keep up sometimes because for me, they're mostly new.

That and I was confused a bit by the dialogue between Ana and Yuriko. Maybe the lettering should be a different typeface when one or the other is speaking, kind of like there's a different font for Enchantress. But then again, maybe it's confusing on purpose because they both speak through the same body, so the others wouldn't know the difference just by the sound of her voice. Whatever the case, I did have to re-read a few panels to make sense of what was going on there, because it wasn't immediately obvious to me while reading that dialogue the first time around.

Anywho, these are my thoughts for now. Like I said, I'll keep reading! I also kind of hope that Clay Mann, who penciled the last few pages of #s 10 and 11 to fill in what's going on with Jubilee and the students, keeps coming back. Out of the three artists whose work I saw in these three issues, I love his the best. Though, to Dodson's credit, the covers look brilliant. The art in between the covers, though - It just doesn't jibe with me, personally.

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Comic Review: BLACK WIDOW #3

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"She's the kind of woman you call when you need to escape from a South American prison."

This issue of Black Widow was, again, largely introspective. We're learning more and more things about her and the personal decisions she makes, and how it affects her work. In previous issues, she's mentioned that she has standards for the jobs she takes, and her agent is supposed to make sure they all meet her specifications. In this case, it turns out she took a job without realizing who she was saving, and had to make a personal call. What makes this even better is she suffers no immediate repercussions from changing the plan, and her agent even commends her on the decision. Maybe it'll come back to bite her later.

Most of this issue was really a great discussion about what home means, and where it is. It resounded with me a bit, since I personally consider home to be wherever I live or am at at the moment, though most folks refer to "home" as the place they grew up at, or where their family is. Natasha's view is that home is wherever she's at, but there's always that "special" home that she describes as "where the hurt is." What followed that statement was awesome.

Phil Noto's artwork continues to delight me beyond words. This book is so easy to read and all the lines are easy to follow, the words are positioned splendidly (letters by VC's Clayton Cowles) and the writing is tight, as if every letter made a difference. I love that I'm having a great time reading this book as a first timer with this character, and I'm also happy to hear, according to the fan mail responses at the back of the issue, that Phil Noto is going to remain as this book's artist for the foreseeable future.

I'm excited for the next issue, which is a S.H.I.E.L.D. job.

Link Bits: 10 facts about UP that won't make you cry, I swear

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[Bits and Link and internet and yeah!]

I laughed out loud watching Hank's book rant, here.

PIXAR characters star in Oscar-nom'd movie posters. Not fun enough? Try the same with LEGO.

Very cool project headed by Marvel/Disney to include a comic in hospital care packages for kids. Wish it weren't a limited thing, though. Or maybe they'll make a fresh comic for the next batch?

Amazing Game of Thrones 3D chalk art of The Wall.

10 things you might (or might not) have known about Disney/PIXAR's Up.

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Friday Things: 02/23 - sizing up Marvel characters, magical rings, and Star Wars on the runway

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[Top off your weekend with some links! Yeah! Actually, this could have been way longer, but I've decided to keep doing Link Bits to keep this column under control. I'll be spacing more throughout the week, so please check back again!]

On Film:

Here's a look at the events of all the Stars Wars films in a 30-foot long tapestry.

Beetlejuice 2.... might happen. I have mixed feelings about this!

"Our Favorite Book Film Soundtracks" by Magali Roman over at Quirk Books. Agreed? Disagree?



On Books and Comics:

This is the very best article I've ever read regarding the topic of "what you should read."

A handy guide to magical rings from comics and literature, such as The One Ring and Green Lantern's Power Ring.

An interesting study was conducted measuring various Marvel characters' BMI and comparing them between men and women.

Oyster has expanded! It now includes books for young readers, including Disney-published titles. 

Archie and Betty are starring in their very own YA novels, being released this year.




California is considering putting warning labels on soda warning of obesity and other illnesses the way there are warning labels on cigarette boxes.

Seeing nerdy fashion on the runway is always exciting. Have some Star Wars dresses.

(via TOR) Delightful art by Craig Davidson depicting children pretending to be Star Wars and Wizard of Oz characters.

[See ya next time, and have a great week!]



Friday Things: 02/16 - quickie edition

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[In a continuation of "Kristina is behind on everything," here's a catch-up edition of Friday Things - now with bonus links and shorter descriptions.]

On Tattoos:

Best tattoo: world map, fill in as you explore.

Awesome, subtle Disney tattoos.



On Books and Comics:

Neil Gaiman: Green Eggs and Ham reading.

Remember Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird? Listen to Rolly Crump talk a bit about it. And other stuff.

Jennifer Lawrence comic book?

Best baby pictures: babies as literary characters.

Young teen earned a book deal through sheer determination.

Ms Marvel #1 is getting a reprint! I really need to read this.



On Movies and TV:

American Gods for TV is still happening. Rejoice!

Fun facts about Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Curious about who owns what Marvel characters? Here's a handy visual guide.




Nerd food: Rubiks Cube brownies.

The alphabet for nerds.

Awesome Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired DIY home decor!

Awesome Legend of Zelda rock covers. Not that kind of rock.

[Have a great week!]