8 Last-Minute Bookish Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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If you're into giving your book-lovin' honey a little something on Valentine's Day that isn't just a box of candy or a vase with flowers, here are a few ideas:

Harry Potter cookie cutters double as a practical gift as well as an edible one if you use 'em to make some cookies ahead of time, too.

Show 'em they're The One to rule your heart with the One Ring. Okay, that was cheesy.

Class it up with a Jules Verne necktie.

Application and design-wise, Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party-themed salt and pepper shakers are pretty perfect, if ya think about it.

This, and other bookish flavors, such as Butterbeer (Harry Potter) and Cotton & Musk (The Great Gatsby) available from Pen & Candle.

Oh yes, this tote bag is a winner.

Much more comfortable than the real thing, I'm sure.

Facelifts and future plans

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So, as you might notice, GeekeryDo isn't all boring and orange any more. Or the sort of bright green that makes people with brighter screens want to pull their eyes out of their sockets. I've changed it to a background picture that reminds me of The Shire with a dark red theme to the colors. Why this image? Because I'm currently on a Lord of the Rings kick with the movies, and I also read this post by a fellow "Books That Made Me Love Reading" challenger about The Hobbit.

Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated! This isn't the only thing I'll be doing, but for now it really needed at least this basic change. I plan on adding some pages and making the page a bit more organized in the future, it's just a matter of sitting down and getting to it before my post count gets too high.

As for future stuff, I'm thinking I'll take book reviews soon. I'm not sure who would want to send their work to a lowly newbie like myself, but I'm definitely interested in reading material by people I've never heard about as well as spreading the love in the blogosphere. More on this as I get some more book blog street cred, but it's in the "within the next few months" basket.