Cool toys I saw this week

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I'm not sure whether this will be a regular thing, but there were some cool toy things that went up this week that I wanted to kind of gush about.

First it's gonna be Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Alfred Pennyworth. More than anything, I'm just really happy this exists. It's a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, but there are orders up at Koto's online shop for non-attendees, too. I have some personal theories about Alfred and how he's a total badass, but I'll take the standard butler look for the statue, and I love the skeptical look on his face. Alfred ships out next month (or you can pick one up at SDCC).

Next is Mondo's First Hellboy statue, which comes in two versions. There's the black and white ink version, and the red colorway, based on the first sketch of the character. I really love the way the illustration translated into 3D, and it looks like these folks did some great work here. I've only just recently started reading Hellboy and learning about the character, so it's pretty nice timing to see such a rad statue in the works.

And last, but not least, it's a July release for Funko, who are actually dishing out loads of cool-looking figures these days. But I'm specifically looking at their World of Pop! Olaf. He's just too adorable. Seriously, the best thing that came out of Frozen was Olaf.

Yeah, I just wanted to talk about those figures. For 2/3 of those, it's the second time since I posted about them on Tomopop. Enjoy!

New Gallery: ArtFX+ Arkham City Batman Statue by Kotobukiya

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I've uploaded a new toy photo gallery featuring Arkham City's Batman, as produced by Kotobukiya. My review of this figure went up on Tomopop a couple of days ago, so for more detailed thoughts about this wonderful release, do check there.

I love this statue, and later this year, when I can get him in a better lighting setup and ahead of a different backdrop, I may just post another batch of photographs.

Friday Things: 10/19

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[Woo, I'm back! Sorry I haven't been active in the past week or so, here. Last weekend I was out of town and didn't end up having any time to write here because of my freelancing gigs. I'll do some shameless self-promoting down at the bottom so you can see what I've been working on. 

As for this weekend, I'll also be out! But thankfully I'm more-or-less on time with assignments and have been able to get some time for this blog. Enjoy the link dump below!]

On Disney-related:

New Wreck-It Ralph stuff! There's a Hero's Duty trailer out as well as a new clip from the villains talking group scene.

New information related to Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Swampy's Underground Adventures has finally begun! Fans of Where's My Water? check out this video. In this first episode, Swampy tries to impress Allie with a fire extinguisher. It's cute and will only take about two and a half minutes of your time.

Starting in November, Disney Junior is going to debut their new princess of Spanish-speaking descent Sophia! Fox News Latino had some criticism (echo'd from the Hispanic Media Coalition) about Disney's decision to not define her specific real-life ethnicity though, saying that they should be specific. Disney's point of view on the subject is that by not emphasizing which country she's from, more girls will be able to relate to her. Her character is also going to be half from one and another fictional town, making her essentially mixed (and if you look at the first link to Disney Jr's website and see the family portrait, you'll see). Sounds like a cute idea to me, and I hope that by not specifying an ethnicity they'll also go through great pains to make sure they represent many different Spanish-speaking cultures and not just, say, Mexican.

On Photography:

If you've ever looked at fashion shots and wondered how the model looks perfect but the background is a different color, like red or purple, this is a handy little guide on how to do it. I personally am not a fan of the effect, though I could see myself using it for figure-related shooting.

The Lytro camera has been released! Eventually, I am definitely going to pick one of these up. There were some cool features as well as new colors added to the camera to sweeten the pot even more, like manual control settings. Lytro just keeps getting better and better. And it's only US$400.

PhotoJojo is now selling recycled film canisters that have been re-purposed as fridge magnets. I went ahead and put an image here since it was labeled "extra images for bloggers." <3 PJ!

On Star Wars-related:

Awesome flash mob in Germany (via TheDailyWhat) featuring an orchestra playing the main Star Wars theme.

The magic of that

"Luke, I am your father" moment will never truly die. Here's a reaction video (also via TheDailyWhat) of two kiddos when they see it for the first time. It's wonderful.


This little girl  (8 years old) has a book of historical female figures and dresses like them to school daily. Instead of making fun of her, her classmates admire her and the teachers embrace her dressing habits and use it as teaching opportunities in class. It's awesome.

Recently on Tomopop, the team covered New York Comic Con, and we've had a few cool toy reviews go up, too. I reviewed Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Harley Quinn, Asuka Kazama (Tekken series), Yoko Kurama and Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho), and Evangelion's Mari Makinami by SEGA prize. More to follow!

I've posted up some cool stuff on Japanator as well, like a review of one of my favorite anime ever, Ergo Proxy, which was recently rescued and re-released by FUNimation. Also of note, Pandora Hearts (another anime I enjoyed) is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Kanto Symphony, an album of Pokémon Red and Blue music reorchestrated by fans, is released and available for just US$9.99. It's beautiful and worth every penny.

[I think that's good for today. This weekend I'm hitting up Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights as well as EPCOT Center's Food and Wine Festival! I'm looking forward to it all and will keep everyone updated on Twitter and everything. 

:) Happy weekend!]