Friday Things: 11/03 - Haunted House Cams, Star Wars Costumes, and Other Late Things

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[It's Halloween! Man, I love this holiday, but boy is it not a thing in Japan. I mean, yeah, you can celebrate here and there are places to party and there are even a few Trick-or-Treat events around the country, but it's nowhere near the same thing. At all.]

On Books and Comics:

Great write-up by Janelle Asselin on the state of super hero comics for children.

The final trailer for Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is out!

There's a new coffee table book about the costumes of the Star Wars characters (big and small) and it looks pretty rad.

If you like to read and you're up for giving publishers feedback, you should consider using Netgalley. I love it, and First Second wrote this great article with tips on filling in your profile from their perspective.

Super fun and charming clip of GRRM being quizzed on quotations from Game of Thrones.

On Music:

OK Go's latest music video was shot here in Japan. As usual, amazing.

Daniel Radcliffe can rap like a boss.


I always love watching Ellen send her producer Andy into haunted houses around Halloween time.

The Dalai Lama rocks my socks.

A bunch of dudes tried on "sexy" ladies Halloween costumes. Spoiler alert: they hated it.

Stuff I wrote at other places:

I wrote a beginner's guide to cosplay over at Panels. There will be follow-up. Have any suggestions for topics in future cosplay-related columns? Let me know!

Also at Panels: Art Roundup with a focus on Violet from Rat Queens.

[Have a great week!]

Friday Things: 10/19 - All the Halloween Things

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[It's getting colder.... brrrrrrr]

On Halloween:

Oh My Disney posted a cute thing with costume suggestions/ideas you can put together yourself.

Some great food-related DIY ideas from Rosanna Pansino.

And an eyeballs in meat sauce dish from Panko Bunny.

Comics-related craft ideas and patterns I rounded up for Panels.

Some literary DIY costume ideas I put together for Book Riot (and a hilarious selection of literal literary Halloween costume ideas from a fellow contributor).

On Disney:

More Big Hero 6 trailer stuff!

First trailer for Disney's Tomorrowland.

How to draw Winnie the Pooh.


McDonald's hired a Mythbuster to prove that their food isn't as bad (or low quality) as the media likes to portray it. Very cool campaign.

Check out the Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle. I'm pretty excited about it. This sale is going on until next week.

[See ya next week!]

Friday Things: 10/10 - Forever Batman Stamps, Creepy Books for Wimps, and More

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[A day late - oops. But here's this weekend's selection.]

On Books:

Cool list of books you can read any time, but particularly now that it's Hispanic heritage month.

Over on Book Riot: "5 More Bookish DIY Costumes For Halloween."

Read a new short story by Haruki Murakami over at The New Yorker.

If you're not into hard horror but want to read some creepy things now that it's near Halloween, here are some suggestions ("Scary Books for Scaredy-Cats").

On Comics:

USPS is selling Batman stamps!

On Panels, I'm participating in a weekly column called Comics Fetish, in which I take turns with a partner listing cool comics-related merch you can buy. This week was my turn.

If you're watching and enjoying Arrow Season 3, consider these book suggestions for some more background on some characters.

On Feminism:

In other feminist news, the latest happening in GamerGate is scary. The whole thing is awful, but geeze.

Colorado's Amendment 67 is kind of...terrifying.


The Eiffel Tower has a glass floor now too, apparently. I hadn't heard about it until now.

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