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New Figure Gallery: ThreeZero's GAME OF THRONES Tyrion Lannister

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I've uploaded a new gallery with clean, hi-res images of ThreeZero's absolutely stunning 1/6-scale Tyrion Lannister statue from HBO's Game of Thrones. My review of this figure was published on Tomopop last week, so do check that out if you want my full thoughts. Really though, I have nothing but good things to say about it. The likeness is amazing, and I definitely want this to be prominently displayed at home, somewhere among the prettiest books in my collection. When that happens, you can be sure I'll do a second photoshoot showing Tyrion off in his natural habitat.

8 Last-Minute Bookish Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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If you're into giving your book-lovin' honey a little something on Valentine's Day that isn't just a box of candy or a vase with flowers, here are a few ideas:

Harry Potter cookie cutters double as a practical gift as well as an edible one if you use 'em to make some cookies ahead of time, too.

Show 'em they're The One to rule your heart with the One Ring. Okay, that was cheesy.

Class it up with a Jules Verne necktie.

Application and design-wise, Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party-themed salt and pepper shakers are pretty perfect, if ya think about it.

This, and other bookish flavors, such as Butterbeer (Harry Potter) and Cotton & Musk (The Great Gatsby) available from Pen & Candle.

Oh yes, this tote bag is a winner.

Much more comfortable than the real thing, I'm sure.

Friday Things: 07/11 - pizza party on a plane

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[Oh, I'm on time? Yes! But this time, the reason is because a typhoon is supposed to hit and I felt like I should probably get all my busywork done early so I can just spend the storm reading and doing other things that require little-to-no electricity. Just in case.]

On Books and Comics:

The Mary Sue had the honor of breaking the announcement of a book First Second (I mention them pretty often, don't I?) is publishing called Something New, created by Lucy Knisley. It's about a woman who grew up a shy tomboy and decides to plan her own wedding. Can't wait!

I should admit now that I didn't care much for Lost at Sea and I lost interest halfway through Scott Pilgrim, so I'm not the most avid Bryan Lee O'Malley out there. I don't dislike the man or his work, I just didn't love it. But after reading this sterling review and endorsement by my fellow Riot contributor Brenna, I'm excited about next week's Seconds release.

EpicReads suggest 25 YA titles for fans of Game of Thrones. I might give one or three of these a try...

UDON Entertainment posted up previews of their upcoming books in the Manga Classics series for Les Misérables and Pride & Prejudice. I'll probably review them, so maybe check back for that here?



On Disney:

Cute bangles coming out at the Disney Parks next week. Love the style, but I just wish they weren't so dang expensive.

More Disney DIY! This time, tie-dye Minnie ears.




In which you can read some of the weird things Jen Campbell has overheard or been told at the bookshop where she works.

Apparently Cats is coming back?

In the UK, an app is being developed for people who call emergency on their smart phones that allows them to share video of what's going on to responders, so they can try and get more information before they even arrive at the scene. Additionally, the app could help responders pinpoint the location of the caller in cases where the caller doesn't know exactly where they are. Could be very awesome.

Slightly NSFW, but very cool reminder that we are all way more than our appearance.

Pilot of a diverted plane got hungry while waiting out a storm, ordered pizza for everyone because he's an awesome guy.

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Friday Things: 06/20 - Mindy Kaling asks, WHY NOT ME?

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[Actually on time for once! This happened because my browser started going nuts when I opened too many tabs yesterday, and instead of bookmarking them I dumped them here. Yay!]

On Books:

Wil Wheaton created this opening theme for Game of Thrones based on the The Brady Bunch format, and it's fantastic. (via C|Net) (warning: some language)

Very cool: travel to the various locations Game of Thrones is shot. 

Mindy Kaling is going to write a book of essays titled Why Not Me? and I'm pretty excited.

EpicReads highlighted some literary fandoms that produce some great fanart. I'd take it further and include the likes of Eleanor & Park, Alice in Wonderland, and more, but yeah - fandom can be awesome sometimes.

On Disney:

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, this is a beautiful shot of the Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland Resort.

Jafar, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil's children have been revealed for the upcoming Descendants. Their costumes are pretty awesome.

Healthful food choices at the Magic Kingdom park.




The correct way to cut cake, according to math.

Another entry in the How to be Awesome column on Quirk Books by another awesome blogger on the team: How to be Awesome While Being Overly Enthusiastic About Other People's Dogs. I love this, and it isn't just because the author mentioned my dog's breed once at the end.  

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong did an underwater photo shoot for the art of it, not to sell clothes, and teamed up with a group of people who were dedicated to get the most amazing results, and... it's just magical. (via Neatorama) Read more about the shoot and what went towards it here.

This week's dose of SCIENCE is all about ice cream.

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Friday Things: 06/16 - design-a-baby

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[Another Monday edition... ahh!]

On Books:

Very cute dragon hair clip accessories for the Daenerys in your life.

First Second previews yet another upcoming graphic novel I'm dying to read, In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang.

Game of Thrones Dragon Sculptures

Lovely little dragon sculptures available from ThinkGeek (click through the image for the listing)

On Disney:

Nice little image gallery of fab Disney-themed wedding cakes.

Nick Pitera's one-man tribute to Aladdin (the Broadway musical) is fantastic. Must-watch if you're a fan of Aladdin at all!)

Shameless Self-Promotion (stuff I wrote/published here and there):

11 Author Quotations to Help Reluctant Readers Find Their Way (on BookRiot)

How to be Awesome at a Convention (on Quirk Books)

(snack video) Mr. Croissant Donut in Japan (on Japanator)


Awesome lunch bag drawings by a cool dad.

" infant delivered last week in California is believed to be the first healthy human born in the USA 'with his entire genetic makeup deciphered in advance.'" (say whaaaa?)

[See ya next time!]

Friday Things: 06/09 - in which Ursula the sea witch has her say

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[Another Monday edition - sorry! Here's the thing:]

On Disney: 

Comics Alliance has an exclusive preview of Marvel's Disney Kingdoms Figment #1.

Cute list if you're into Disney/PIXAR trivia: 10 things you may or may not have known about The Incredibles.

Great little DIY project: how to make coasters out of Disney theme park maps



On Game of Thrones:

George R. R. Martin is raising funds for two charities, and one of the things you can get for donating is horribly killed in Winds of Winter.

This is a fantastic article with some choice words from Sophie Turner in defense of her character, Sansa. 



On Comics:

The latest news from First Second is a look at their upcoming book (for September release) Julia's House for Lost Creatures, which looks delightful.

UDON Entertainment shares a look at their Art of Capcom: Complete Edition, which is slated for release in October. Check the link for a 16-page preview.




This interesting article made the rounds a bit on a few blogs I follow: "The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight."

Test your spelling skills.

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Link Bits: 05/28 - GAME OF THRONES, The Hobbit, and The Dark Knight go well together, musically

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Disney have released an interactive book leading up to Maleficent's debut, which has a bunch of cool extras loaded in like behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and more. It's free, but it's exclusive to iBooks. See the trailer at the Disney Insider.

That time when we thought Alfonso Cuarón would be directing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Yeah, not true after all.

(via Geeks Are Sexy) Lovely mix of Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and The Dark Knight themes performed on (mainly) violin.

Nice post by Kelly on Book Riot titled "Your Local Brick & Mortar Bookstore Is A Privilege." In other words, stop looking down at people who mostly buy their books online.

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Friday Things: 05/10 - bookish parodies, an excerpt, and the story of Nellie Bly

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[It's a beautiful Saturday, so let's bang these out shall we...?]

On Books and Reading:

Olde Book Pillow Classics

They're books. That you can sleep on. Because they're pillows! Click on the image to be taken to the listing on ThinkGeek. :)

There's a new graphic novel out that I'm dying to read, but I'll settle for an excerpt for now. This One Summer, by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki.

John Green discusses why adults dig YA fiction.

This post on BookRiot is over a month old, but it touches on something I plan to vlog about soon: likeable/unlikeable characters. Linking doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything stated, just that I think it's a good and interesting discussion.

On Music:

(via C|Net) The Game of Thrones theme as you've never heard it before: on wine glasses.

A new line of Disney soundtracks, called The Legacy Collection, will be released to celebrate film anniversaries, and The Lion King is getting the re-release treatment first with 30 minutes of never-before-released score.

Apparently, Miami is ranked the third most stressful US city to live in, owed in part to the high cost of living.

Great little list on BookRiot of bookish song parodies. I have to agree with the post author, I can't even with some of these.

This is important:

If you're a bit confused about what's going on with Net Neutrality and all that, Vi Hart explains it fantastically well in this video.

Fantastic read on FlavorWire about an overlooked woman in history. I quote: "A pioneering female journalist at a time when women were relegated to the lifestyle section, Elizabeth Jane Cochran, writing under the pen name 'Nellie Bly,' pulled off stunt journalism that entranced America and had its part in shifting the world a bit."

[Enjoy the weekend!]

Link Bits: 04/28 - The first canonincal Star Wars book for adults is out in September

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(viaNeatorama) Apparently there's some kind of "national day" for some sort of food or drink for every day of the year. Check yours here! Mine's a Dry Martini.

If I ever make caramel treats, I'm going to make them look like Sorting Hats.

If you can stomach any more talk about the Game of Thrones episode "Breaker of Chains," this is a good read over at BookRiot written by Jeanette.

Del Rey posted up some information and cover reveals regarding upcoming Star Wars books on Facebook. Four titles will be published (adult fiction) more in line with what's going on with the films. We've got:

  • Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi (set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back) by Kevin Hearne
  • Star Wars: Lords of the Sith (features the Emperor and Darth Vader) by Paul S. Kemp - release March, 2015
  • Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno - release in November 2014
  • Star Wars: A New Dawn (canonical novel set between episodes III and IV, main characters are Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla) by John Jackson Miller - release in September 2014

More about this in Disney Publishing's press release.

Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!