Beauty and the Beast

Friday Things: 03/08 - Turning a Meme Around, and a Look at Mr Holmes

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[Happy International Women's Day!]

On Film:

There's a Sherlock movie coming out this summer called Mr Holmes, starring Ian McKellen as an elderly Sherlock. Anything with Mr McKellen will get my butt in a theater.

If you're into trivia and such, here are 15 things you may or may not have known about Beauty and the Beast.

And also, 14 things you may or may not have known about The Sound of Music.

On Photography:

Pictures of 26 places that look like they're from some kind of fairyland, but they're real.

Here are some great tips for improving your food photography. Great if you're into instagraming or food blogging.

Things I Wrote:

On Book Riot: 10 Bookish YouTube Tutorials to Up Your Book Nerd Game.


There's a dude who makes gorgeous costume dresses for his online shop, and he actually models them himself. Lovely.

A little boy with Down Syndrome loves Maroon 5 and when he had an opportunity to meet them, had a panic attack. Their response to that was pretty great.

The Salvation Army took that Dress meme and turned it into something truly great.

If you're interested in learning some Japanese history, here's a Crash Course video on the Heian Period.

[Have a great week!]