Friday Things: 06/26 - Feeling the Sadness in Your Joy

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[Ahh, the weekend...]

Here's a look at 15 YA reads coming out next month. Some are intriguing - I may pick up a couple of them.

Great article by a new colleague of mine on Book Riot about the book Fangirl and how it impacted her life when things got tough. I have to agree - I love Levi in this story, and there's a commenter there who made an excellent point about how so many heroes are brooding, have some dark past, etc. while Levi is just.. Levi. Refreshing. Attractive.

7 Batman-inspired cocktails. I really want to try that Joker one.

Solid list of characteristics that'll make me want to follow an audiobook narrator's work (rather than the usual, following an author's work, etc). The only difference is I like little songs and diddies in between chapters, haha.

Why do all of Disney and Pixar's ladies have more or less the same face shape, while the men have hardcore face and nose shape diversity? Interesting and important criticism.

A look at what's going to go away from Netflix next month, as well as what'll be added.

This is a fantastic article about the movie Inside Out and the super important points it makes about sadness and joy. Fair warning though, it contains heavy spoilers for the film.

On Quirk Books: How to Plan Your Geeky Picnic.

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Cool toys I saw this week

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I'm not sure whether this will be a regular thing, but there were some cool toy things that went up this week that I wanted to kind of gush about.

First it's gonna be Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Alfred Pennyworth. More than anything, I'm just really happy this exists. It's a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, but there are orders up at Koto's online shop for non-attendees, too. I have some personal theories about Alfred and how he's a total badass, but I'll take the standard butler look for the statue, and I love the skeptical look on his face. Alfred ships out next month (or you can pick one up at SDCC).

Next is Mondo's First Hellboy statue, which comes in two versions. There's the black and white ink version, and the red colorway, based on the first sketch of the character. I really love the way the illustration translated into 3D, and it looks like these folks did some great work here. I've only just recently started reading Hellboy and learning about the character, so it's pretty nice timing to see such a rad statue in the works.

And last, but not least, it's a July release for Funko, who are actually dishing out loads of cool-looking figures these days. But I'm specifically looking at their World of Pop! Olaf. He's just too adorable. Seriously, the best thing that came out of Frozen was Olaf.

Yeah, I just wanted to talk about those figures. For 2/3 of those, it's the second time since I posted about them on Tomopop. Enjoy!

New Gallery: ArtFX+ Arkham City Batman Statue by Kotobukiya

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I've uploaded a new toy photo gallery featuring Arkham City's Batman, as produced by Kotobukiya. My review of this figure went up on Tomopop a couple of days ago, so for more detailed thoughts about this wonderful release, do check there.

I love this statue, and later this year, when I can get him in a better lighting setup and ahead of a different backdrop, I may just post another batch of photographs.

Friday Things: 10/25 - The Terror That Flaps in the Night Returns

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[It's getting cooooolder!]

On Blogging:

Are you a blogger? There's always room to learn more things. Here are 11 tips from The Nerdy Girlie.

Also on the subject of blogging: how to protect your privacy.

On Comics:

People interviewed the awesome Amanda Conner. I feel like they were trying to bait her to go in a certain direction the way some questions were framed, but she gracefully brushed it all off. All positivity, all confidence. Love her~

Ridiculously excited we're getting more Darkwing Duck comics, and even more excited that James Silvani and Aaron Sparrow are going to continue working on it.

New Edward Scissorhands comic!

Stuff I wrote this past week:

I take turns with a co-contributor on Panels for our weekly column Comics Fetish, in which we feature comics-related merch you can totally buy. This week was my turn.

Also on Panels, I wrote about Batman, and made a call for book recommendations.

On Book Riot, I wrote about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

And finally, on Quirk Books, I rounded up some of my favorite Hello Kitty-related recipes/tutorials from YouTube.


Excited for Disney's upcoming Moana in 2016!

[Have a great week!]

Friday Things: 10/10 - Forever Batman Stamps, Creepy Books for Wimps, and More

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[A day late - oops. But here's this weekend's selection.]

On Books:

Cool list of books you can read any time, but particularly now that it's Hispanic heritage month.

Over on Book Riot: "5 More Bookish DIY Costumes For Halloween."

Read a new short story by Haruki Murakami over at The New Yorker.

If you're not into hard horror but want to read some creepy things now that it's near Halloween, here are some suggestions ("Scary Books for Scaredy-Cats").

On Comics:

USPS is selling Batman stamps!

On Panels, I'm participating in a weekly column called Comics Fetish, in which I take turns with a partner listing cool comics-related merch you can buy. This week was my turn.

If you're watching and enjoying Arrow Season 3, consider these book suggestions for some more background on some characters.

On Feminism:

In other feminist news, the latest happening in GamerGate is scary. The whole thing is awful, but geeze.

Colorado's Amendment 67 is kind of...terrifying.


The Eiffel Tower has a glass floor now too, apparently. I hadn't heard about it until now.

[Until next time...!]

Link Bits: 05/28 - GAME OF THRONES, The Hobbit, and The Dark Knight go well together, musically

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Disney have released an interactive book leading up to Maleficent's debut, which has a bunch of cool extras loaded in like behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and more. It's free, but it's exclusive to iBooks. See the trailer at the Disney Insider.

That time when we thought Alfonso Cuarรณn would be directing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Yeah, not true after all.

(via Geeks Are Sexy) Lovely mix of Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and The Dark Knight themes performed on (mainly) violin.

Nice post by Kelly on Book Riot titled "Your Local Brick & Mortar Bookstore Is A Privilege." In other words, stop looking down at people who mostly buy their books online.

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Comic Thoughts: HARLEY QUINN #4

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Alrighty, so I was a little late in reading this one, which is too bad. On the bright side, I don't have the usual wait for issue #5, which I'll get to soon, here.

Spoilers ahead!

So, this issue we got to see some more of Harley's incredible "feels syndrome" (that's what I'm going to call it), and she goes on a rampage in the name of a little old lady who says her family doesn't go visit her as often as they should. Except, as she finds out the hard way, she was wrong. It was a mistake, and it was interesting to see how she'd handle it. Now I know: she rolls with the punches and follows her convictions, and sweats it later.

What made me happiest while reading this issue though was that one scene where Harley's in a diner and everything plays out exactly like a scene from Star Wars. And just in case the dialogue's homage weren't enough, the R2D2-inspired cup and the poster on the wall were just icing on that cake. Let it be known: Harley struck first.

Really, though, I'm still having fun reading this and I hope the series continues to keep the energy high. I'm kind of dubious about where things are headed now with this bionic dude - she agreed to help him a little too quickly, but then again, that's so Harley. I just don't want things to get too complicated, especially since so many thugs are after her. I guess we'll see? I'm trying not to jump to conclusions, anyway.

Link Bits: GAME OF THRONES-style cabaret

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[Mid-week! Time for beer!]

St. Patrick's Day is coming up this month, and if you're interested in getting into the spirit with some delicious sweets, check out the how-to video above (link here).

Another Batman game has been announced, and there's even a trailer out. Which reminds me, I really need to catch up - I haven't played Batman: Arkham Origins yet. Whoooops.

Game of thrones Opening Titles from Mathilde Loubes on Vimeo. I think I like this fan-made Game of Thrones opening sequence better than the original.

Very cool photo project by Andrew Whyte that involves taking a LEGO mini figure (with its own little mini camera) around everywhere, and then shooting pictures of it with an iPhone. Nothing but love for this. He calls it  Legography.

Game of Thrones cabaret posters.

New manga acquisitions by VIZ Media for Shonen Jump:

  • One Piece box set 2: Skypeia and Water 7 (Nov. 2014, print)
  • Assassination Classroom (Dec. 2014, print and digital)
  • Jaco the Galactic Patrolman (by Akira Toriyama, release in Jan. 2015, print and digital)

New VIZ Signature manga title:

Resident Evil (5-volume prequel to the game RE6, releases Nov. 2014). Summary:

"At the prestigious and elite Marhawa High School in Singapore, a female student suffers a horrifying transformation. Called in to investigate, Professor Doug Wright and his nephew Ricky find themselves caught up in a deadly and growing tragedy. As things get rapidly out of hand, Chris Redfield and his team from the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance arrive on the scene, while behind it all a mysterious figure looms."
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DC Comic Dinnerware Sets

So how about, I kind of want these from ThinkGeek, but for me. Not for a baby. Just me. (click the image to be taken to the listing!)

"Shadow Hero is inspired by a comic from the forties called โ€˜The Green Turtle,โ€™ which (possibly) featured the first ever Asian-American superhero." And First Second continues to publish graphic novels that I really want to read.

Very cool tech that feeds you reading material one word at a time, which enables you to read things faster, and can allow you to read all of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 77 minutes.

A mom and her little girl make dresses out of paper and tissue and things lying around the house, and the results are fantastic. Check out this interview on HuffPo, and you can see the fruits of their labor over on Instagram or their website.

"We're Doing a Sequel" from the cast of the Muppets for Muppets Most Wanted. Yes. Oh man. I laughed my buns off.

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