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8 Last-Minute Bookish Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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If you're into giving your book-lovin' honey a little something on Valentine's Day that isn't just a box of candy or a vase with flowers, here are a few ideas:

Harry Potter cookie cutters double as a practical gift as well as an edible one if you use 'em to make some cookies ahead of time, too.

Show 'em they're The One to rule your heart with the One Ring. Okay, that was cheesy.

Class it up with a Jules Verne necktie.

Application and design-wise, Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party-themed salt and pepper shakers are pretty perfect, if ya think about it.

This, and other bookish flavors, such as Butterbeer (Harry Potter) and Cotton & Musk (The Great Gatsby) available from Pen & Candle.

Oh yes, this tote bag is a winner.

Much more comfortable than the real thing, I'm sure.

Jewelry Spotlight: 10 Etsy shops with bookish delights

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While browsing bookish art around the web, I ran into some Etsy stores with cute bookish jewelry and thought I'd share.

Neverland Jewelry: Loads of beautiful charms, necklaces, and earrings. Besides books, there are cute camera-, brain-, and travel-themed trinkets here.

Colorful Blossom: For fans of steampunk/mechanical style, and more colorful than the majority of the stuff I see out there. I especially love this

mechanical Cheshire Cat necklace, which is what caught my eye and directed me to this shop in the first place. Loads of pretty little robots, if you're into that kind of thing.

Candy Monsters: Simple, but nonetheless cute necklaces with book pendants.

Simply Scrabble: So creative! Scrabble pieces become necklaces, rings (above), earrings, etc. This artist decorates them to look like various book covers or posters, Batman's logo, Hello Kitty, and more.

MindAndHands Together: Loads of book charms.

Evelyn Mae Creations: Metal charms for necklaces and such with the names of classic books carved onto them. Simple, but I like it.

CharmaLlama: Charms, charms, and more charms. Full-color book covers, and some themed charm bracelets, like a collection of John Green's books.

Lil' Seeds Vintage Inspired Jewelry: As the title of the store suggests, it's all vintage-style. Little snippets of books are made into necklaces, rings, and more. Bonus: there are also map-themed pendants. Maps are so pretty.

Janda Jewelry: Book charms, and bookcase charms (see above image). What?! Love this! This might actually be my favorite shop out of the entire list.

The Book Swag Shop: You know what this store is all about. And there's plenty to choose from - the selection is over 100 items.

Some accessories for the book-loving man

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Since I already wrote up a post earlier with a bunch of accessories for book-lovers, though hardly any would be great for men, I decided to make a separate, dedicated list just for them.

I thought this list was going to be much shorter than the previous one, but surprisingly enough, I did find a good amount of nice things, like ties, cuff links, a mug, a money clip, and a flask. See them all below!

Library Books Literary Book Tie (bowtie) by Gustys

Sterling Silver The Hobbit Cuff Links by Paul Townsend

Penguin Books Cuff Links by Jon Turner

"To Be" and "Not To Be?" Cuff Links on Satyrika

Book Tree Tie by Tim Foley  on Zazzle

Book Lovers Necktie by Three Outside on Zazzle

I "heart" Books Tie by Annalee Blysse on Zazzle

"What Would Don Quixote Do?" Mug by Reely on CafePress

Vintage Money Clip: Batman by Sue Smith

"Recommended Reading" Flask at Electric Literature