Doodles at School: Bookmarks

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I felt like drawing in-between classes on Friday, since I hardly had any free time for reading. And of course, book marks are everywhere, but I never really have 'em handy right at the moment I need them. I wonder why that is?

So I made myself one over the course of three breaks. It's got a bit of an Alice feel to it, but to be quite frank I don't know who that girl is. She just sort of strolled onto the paper. I haven't cut or laminated it yet, but I will as soon as I've drawn a few more. I kind of like this format, and the cheap crayons I have at my desk are finally getting some use. I'll be back with more, I'm sure.

Sketch a Day: My first week on the school yard

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One of the ways that I've devised to get the school kids curious enough to come up and talk to me has been to sit around the school yard during recess (which is twice a day) and just draw things around me. It worked like a charm, because they couldn't resist leaving me alone for more than two minutes at a time before they came in teams to check up on what I was doing, see my drawing, and ask me questions.

While I'm sure it's fun for them to see what the new teacher is up to, it's been exceptionally rewarding for me to begin making bonds with the kiddos before I've even had a chance to spend time with them in the classroom. Tomorrow is my first day actually teaching, even though I've been at the school for a week, and I'm feeling more confident by the day that the students will be receptive to my lessons now that they know more about me just by hanging out during their breaks.

These three quickie sketches are what I worked on last week. One is of a tulip, of which there are many in the back yard that are maintained by the principal himself. He does a great deal of gardening and takes a lot of pride into keeping the school looking beautiful.

The second drawing is of a tree, and the third is a more boring, not so impressive sketch of one of the basketball hoops. The first two drawings were done up closer to the school building and around where a lot of girls play in the sidelines. I picked the basketball hoop area for the third drawing in order to try and bring in some of the boys. It worked. Even though I think the drawing sucks, the kids totally eat it up and this week, they've even begun making requests when they see me with my drawing pad out just so they can watch me draw something they like.

As a result of piquing their curiosity and breaking the ice with my drawings, the kids are talking to me much more, and plenty in English. I've even graduated to being challenged or invited to games with them, so I'm pleased with that. I'll post again this week with more of my sketches.

Fan Creation: Zatanna as drawn by Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed

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I've got this little (big) project going where I'll be "collecting" girls of the DC Comics universe with a sunflower motif. Anything will do; sunflowers in the background, as clothing patterns, or what Nabeel did with the idea here and have them sprouting out of a magic hat. As long as it meets the two criteria (DC girl, sunflowers), it could be a part of a personal collection of sunflower themed art I'm putting together. ("Personal" meaning: I'm putting them in a physical portfolio book at home for my own enjoyment - not selling it as a compilation or anything of the sort.)

Before asking Nabeel to draw Zatanna as a part of the collection, I'd already kicked it off with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, both drawn by different artists. Eventually, I may show those here as well if I get permission to do so from the lovely folks that drew them.

Enough of that, though. Time for the main event (you can click on this image to view it larger):

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous Zatanna! Nabeel is probably one of the most communicative artists I've had the pleasure of working with, giving me updates every step of the way on this piece. I saw it in the rough sketch stage, partially then fully inked, and then a couple times as it was colored and shaded. You could check out his illustrative/design portfolio or DeviantArt gallery, or even follow him on Twitterif you like what you're seeing here!

I fell in love with her right from the sketch, but what made me fall in love with Zatanna all over again was seeing the final product, with lovely shading all around and textures on her waistcoat and the flowers. She looks so bright and lively!

Again, be sure to check out his work in the above links or give him a follow, and throw some props his way for this wonderful piece. I'm happy to have Zatanna as part of the collection and I'll be sure to keep updating as more girls make their way in, artist permitting. If you, one of my readers here, happen to know someone you think would be a great fit or would want to draw one yourself, be sure to drop me a line, too! I'd be happy to check out your samples and try to work something out.

[legal stuff (muy importante): Zatanna is copyright and trademark DC Comics, Inc. and this is a fan creation in no way affiliated with the copyright and trademark holder. Interested in more? Go to your local comic shop and buy some Batman comics. You've got plenty to choose from which feature Zatanna as a one-time, recurring or main character. The above image of the artwork is posted with artist permission.]