Friday Things: 05/28 - Grotesque ladies with power and clearing up misunderstandings

Kristina PinoComment

[Welcome to another week of stuff I saw and did around the internet. Enjoy!]

A thoughtful article about how (or why) Elizabeth I ends up being depicted as grotesque. Why, indeed? This isn't universal, of course. Meryl Streep didn't get this treatment after all. Well, not really. But it's an interesting thought.

On Panels: 12 rad comics artists to follow on Instagram. I might do a sequel to this one - really enjoy featuring cool art.

Cool Disney-inspired nail art roundup. I wish I had the patience for all this.

How to draw Fred from Big Hero 6.

Here's a cute article about the awesomeness that is Jillian Tamaki.

Great infograph/resource for folks who freelance and struggle with figuring out how much they should charge per hour.

Good read about misunderstandings and the way we communicate our feelings and intentions.

I'll wrap this up today with this week's #fridayreads video.

[Have a great weekend/week!]