Elementary School Lunch: 03/04 - 03/05 - Asparagus and Clam Chowder

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As we near the end of the term, our schedules are work are getting more and more hectic. The students are being sent home earlier more often so their teachers have time to get their grading done, sort which students are going where the following year, prepare for graduation, and all of that. Another big job is preparing the Kindergarteners who are going to be first graders in just a few weeks: we have to plan their routes between their homes and the school, meet with the parents if any of them have food allergies to explain the menu to them and work out which days they will need to prepare substitutes, and more. I don't envy the others this month.

Yesterday's lunch was another plain one, some fish (iwashi, or blue fish), salad, and a loaded soup. The salad was some cabbage, carrot, and cucumber just plainly seasoned and topped with sesame seeds. As for the soup, it had bits of chicken, tofu, konjac, miso, radish, carrot, burdock, potato, and leek. Rather plain, yes, but filling and tasty.

Calorie count: 641

Today's lunch was some super tasty clam chowder, which was served with a green salad, omelet, and some apple bread. The chowder had clam meat, bacon, potato, onion, parsley, mushrooms, and carrot. As for the salad, it was a crispy lettuce, asparagus, and cucumber deal with creamy sesame seed dressing, which is always a win for me. The omelet was plain, but we had a little ketchup packet to dress it up with, and the apple bread was, as usual, very tasty. It had little chunks of dried apple inside.

Calorie count: 632