Elementary School Lunch: 03/23 - Bittersweet Pork Beans

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Today was our very last school lunch of the year! The new school year starts up in a few weeks, but I'll be getting ready to fly back to Miami around then. Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I'd post our bentou lunches, so here's a quick look at what we had for lunch on Friday after the graduation ceremony and early dismissal:

There's a little bit of everything in there - pork, fried chicken, fish, veggies, rice, fruit, some soup, and a nice, big, chewy cookie from Costco. There's a much prettier picture on my Instagram if you're so inclined.

Today's lunch was pork beans, which is one of my favorites. It's got a tomato-based soup, and plenty of other goodies: potato, edamame, white beans, onion, carrot, and of course, bits of pork. As for the sides, we had some cocoa bread which went rather well with the bowl, and a tuna salad which comprised spinach, tuna, and cabbage with Italian dressing. Everything was tasty and perfect, as usual.

Calorie count: 635

And with that, this column is officially dormant, indefinitely. I wrote a bit about what's up with that in a recent post, so you can read about what's coming up for me there, but yeah. If you've been following along, thanks for your support/curiosity! It's been great keeping track of the school lunches like this, a real eye-opener to say the least. Thanks for reading.