Elementary School Lunch: 03/02 - Fried Chicken and Fruit

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Oh man... it's Monday, and it's a new month, and incidentally, it's my last month working at my current post. My last full month as a resident of Japan! I'm so sad...

Today's lunch was some fried chicken with salad, raisin bread, and lovely fruits in yogurt for dessert. A bit plain, but I think it's because part of the food budget likely went into the Viking lunches this week. The chicken was just plain fried (and mixed with potato and onion), and the salad was some cabbage, carrot, cucumber, and spinach with an Italian dressing. As for the fruit, it was orange slices and diced peaches (plus other fruits, I think) in a mix of yogurt, cottage cheese, and whipped cream. It's one of my favorite desserts, and quite filling since it's mostly chunks of fruit rather than a pool of yogurt with a couple of little bits in there.

I'm going to miss tomorrow's regular lunch, but I may be able to take pictures of what we're having at the Viking lunch. I'll try! If not, I'll see you on Wednesday.

Calorie count: 689