2015 Outlook: What's in Store Now?

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Hi hi!

Alright, so we are nearing the end of this school year, which means it's near the end of my time in Japan. After two years in Ibaraki, I'm moving back to Miami! There are loads of adventures and new experiences and cool things and delicious foods ahead of me, so don't you worry about content and yummies dropping off on this blog.

Quick thing:

From now until probably May, Friday Things will be on hiatus. It's a fun column, but I can't keep up with it weekly while I'm tying things up here/on vacation/moving/etc., so I'm simply going to take a break.


Monday, March 23rd will be the final Elementary School Lunch update for the foreseeable future. There's a possibility I'll take the project up again some day, but at this time I don't plan on eating the school lunches at my next post. Instead, I plan to blog about several other food-related things.

First: Bentou lunches. I'm going to be preparing my own packed lunches for work, and it may not be daily, but I will strive to update this blog with some regularity with what I'm making, and refer you to recipes I use if they're documented anywhere. 

Second: I want to blog more about Miami, and South Florida in general. Not just about food, but since this is the section of this post we're on, I'll just go on and say that whenever I find some remarkable food someplace, I'll probably use Instagram more than anything else for this, but I may highlight it here as well if I've got something more to say, or if I end up talking to the chef or something.

Last: Recipes. I mentioned above I may share where I get recipes from for my packed lunches, but in some cases, they'll be recipes I've collected here over the past couple of years. The nutritionist/lunch lady at my school has been very kind and shared recipes for many of my favorite meals so I can recreate them at home. If this is a thing anyone's interested in, I'd be happy to share those now and again.


I'm trying not to over-plan, but I've got a lot on the pipeline this year, and unfortunately I can't talk about most of it just yet. Sorry about that!

As I mentioned earlier, I want to focus on the Miami area (and South Florida in general), which means I'll be hitting the water, the hiking trails, the festivals, markets, art walks, and anything else, and highlighting them here and/or my social media. When you spend a long time living in one place, you kind of lose your awe of it, and take it totally for granted. Now that I've spent some time away, I'm kind of falling in love with the lovely South Florida again, so I want to share that with the world.

Besides that, I'll be documenting my trips wherever my feet take me. Instagram and Twitter are good places to look and keep up with me in that department, and later on when I've sorted through my images, cleaned them up, registered them, they'll appear in the Travels section of my site's navigation. There may be a bit of a delay because I like to register my images in big batches, but they will be there, and nowhere else. I don't use flickr, or SmugMug, or any other photo uploading service for my images at the time of writing this post.

Books and Comics:

This is the one aspect of my site which will not change. I will continue to review or at least put my thoughts down on books and comics I read and audiobooks I listen to. I've come to rather like the Bite-Sized Book Reviews format, and will probably do more of that and fewer one-off reviews in the future, but that's about it. My comics-related content will probably go up as well.

As ever, you can also see my other book-related blogging on Book Riot and Quirk Books, and some comics-related blogging at PANELS. I love writing for those spots, and that's another aspect of my current life that won't be changing with the scenery. Oh, and I'm not dropping any of my 2015 Reading Challenges. They're just on a short break.

And I think that just about covers it. At least, for now it does. I know it seems like a lot, but if you consider the school-daily food blogging is going away, it doesn't actually amount to any more work than I'd been doing before to mix in a bit of travel/entertainment blogging with the occasional food-related thing. In the end, I'm basically going to blog when I want to, when something is really cool and I want to share it. If it isn't fun, there's no point, right?

If you have any questions, requests, feedback, notes of encouragement, etc. for me, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter or somewhere else! It's always great knowing when folks keep up with my adventures here. Onwards to new ones!