Elementary School Lunch: 03/11 - Mid-week Curry

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I'm getting ever closer to the end of this school year. Today was my last busy day - that is, a day where I was engaged in teaching or work-related tasks all day long. If you aren't familiar - the NLT or ALT work day tends to end up being a lot of downtime depending on the sort of school situation you're in. If you're like me, and you just teach at one school, you won't be real busy all day every day, but you might be if you teach at several schools. So anyway, my schedule this year has been fixed by day, mid-week being the heaviest because that's just how things worked out. And yeah. Today was my last big day - everything from here is really just one class here, another there... bittersweet.

Today's lunch was some pork curry and rice, a "healthy" salad (this is in quotation marks because that's how it's listed in our menu), and some rice. The curry had the usual fixings in it: potato, edamame, bits of meat, onion, and carrot. As for the salad, it did comprise rather healthy ingredients: spinach, tuna, agar, cabbage, and carrot. It was all very filling and delicious.

Calorie count: 685