Elementary School Lunch: 02/25-26 - A Kindergarten Farewell

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Today was my last time teaching Kindergarten as part of my current post. The kiddos I spent time with today are going to be starting first grade in just a few weeks, which is a big leap. Since it was our final lesson, they presented me with a lovely framed photo of all of us together, which I'll treasure forever. We spent our last lesson reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar together and playing games and stuff. I'm kind of sad about it! I'm going to miss the little ones~

Wednesday, February 25th

On this day, lunch was a fab bowl of niku-jyaga (meat and potatoes), some natto, salad, and rice. Of course, there were other veggies mixed in that bowl, like carrot, konjac, onion, shiitake mushroom, and edamame. As for the salad, it was mainly spinach, but mixed with cabbage and carrot.

Good stuff. I love everything about this meal - can't go wrong with any of these dishes.

Calorie count: 669

Thursday, February 26th

Today's lunch was awesome - I wish there'd been more leftovers. We had miso ramen, gyoza, and some namul. The miso ramen's soup was full of great stuff: ground pork, carrot, bean sprouts, nira (Chinese leek), and corn. As for the namul, it had mostly spinach and radish with loads of sesame seeds. I see on the menu that lotus root was incorporated into the menu somewhere, and I think maybe it was in the gyoza along with more nira and carrot.

Calorie count: 682