Elementary School Lunch: 02/23 - Pot-au-feu

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch had a great blend of flavors. The main item was a squid fritter with tuna salad, accompanied by a not super authentic pot-au-feu, borrowed from France. We always seem to take little liberties.

The salad was some carrot, tuna, cabbage, and broccoli seasoned in the kitchen with garlic (boosts the immune system) mixed in the dressing. As for the pot-au-feu, which we had as a soup, it had mini wiener sausages instead of bits of beef, and for veggies it had turnip (and turnip leaf), celery, potato, carrot, and onion. All of this really came together with the plain white bread loaf which was served with chocolate spread (iron added for an extra punch of nutrition).

Solid start to the week.

Calorie count: 618