Elementary School Lunch: 02/19 - Chinese New Year

Food, JapanKristina Pino3 Comments

Today's lunch was Chinese-style food in honor of the lunar new year. It isn't necessarily celebrated in Japan, though a few other events on the lunar calendar are. Nonetheless, it was delicious and appreciated.

Today's main item was some Okowa, which is a mixed rice. Today, it had shiitake mushroom, edamame, bits of chicken, bamboo, cloud ear fungus, and carrot. On the side, we had a salad that was mostly radish and bean sprouts, with a bit of spinach, ham, and a Chinese-style dressing, which sat next to a Spring roll (veggie filling). Today was one of those rare two-item trays because of the main being a mixed rice. Usually, we have what, 3-4 things on our tray? Some days even 5! So yeah, it's weird seeing it so empty. But you can take my word for it when I say that this was super filling on its own.

Calorie count: 658