Elementary School Lunch: 02/06 - 02/10 - Caramel Age-pan

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Whoops, looks like I got a little backed up on lunch posts, there. Today (Wednesday, February 11) is a public holiday, so regular lunch posts should resume tomorrow.

Friday, February 6

On this day, we enjoyed some mackerel smothered in a miso sauce with soup, salad, and rice. The salad had some karashi (spicy mustard) mixed into the seasoning to give that cabbage, spinach, bean sprouts, and carrot a bit of a kick. The soup was in a plain fish flake/kelp broth and had some tofu, seaweed, onion, carrot, and enoki mushroom. Simple, but pleasant end to the week.

Calorie count: 609

Monday, February 9

Monday's lunch was an age-pan (fried bread, kinda like a doughnut) day, which is always good. We got a totally new flavor for it this time around: caramel. Great sweet and salty caramel flavor on the bread, which went fabulously with our stewed bowl and the salad. The bowl had a bunch of egg holding together some potato, sausage, onion, carrot, bits of chicken, and parsley. As for the salad, it was spinach, cabbage, and onion topped with sesame seeds and a sweet-tasting vegetable dressing. So filling!

Calorie count: 621

Tuesday, February 10

Yesterday's lunch was another simple one. We had some fried smelt with salad, and a bowl of stewed veggies with chicken. The salad had some cloud ear fungus, spinach, carrot, and napa cabbage. I actually skipped the smelt since it's deep fried and had some extra salad. As for the bowl, it had potato, taro, green beans, radish, ginger, onion, and carrot. The flavor was similar to niku-jyaga, but they key ingredients (meat and potatoes) were swapped for chicken and taro. Yum.

Calorie count: 621