Elementary School Lunch: 01/08 - New Year, New... Beans!

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Alright, not the most clever title I've come up with. It's a new year, though we're in the same school year, now in our last semester, gearing up for our 6th graders' graduation in March. I'm down to single-digits in remaining lessons with each of my classrooms, which is both relieving and sad but also happy-making and yet terrifying. Flu season is lurking right around the corner, so I might lose some momentum there because of that brilliant side of the system (when x number of students are absent because of the flu, the entire class must take a 5-day break to prevent epidemic - with plenty of at-home busywork, of course). Today was our first day back from the break and already a few students were missing because of illness contracted during vacation, so we'll see how that goes.

In better, happier news, our lunch today was delicious. We started the new year with this great pork beans bowl, some Caesar salad, and bread with chocolate sauce (iron added for nutritional content). The bowl had this tomato-based broth, and pieces of pork and a bunch of beans in of course, along with potato, onion, carrot, and edamame (I realize that's a kind of bean, but it's different from the..plain beans?). As for the salad, it comprised broccoli, cabbage, corn, spinach, and little tiny blocks of cheese, all brought together with Caesar dressing.

Great start to the new semester and the new year. I'll be back tomorrow with another great meal.

Calorie count: 638