Elementary School Lunch: 01/29 - Tempura Surprise

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today I was reminded that Japan will batter and deep fry just about any sort of veggie or fish, and even dried vegetables like the sweet potato we had today are no exception. The sweet, chewy, and delicious dried sweet potato were surprisingly great as tempura, and it was served on our salad plates along with a strawberry. Our main item was kenchin udon, which we've seen on the blog before.

The salad was a simple napa cabbage with carrot and spinach deal, and it was seasoned with yuzu. This was a surprisingly refreshing taste that I associate more with summer than winter, and I was happy to have it on my plate. As for the soup/broth today, it had some regular diced tofu as well as fried tofu, radish, squid, chicken, shiitake mushroom, onion, burdock root, and carrot. Great combination. 

Tomorrow is the last lunch of January... whoa! And we might get some decent snowfall overnight. If you follow me on Instagram, it's the best place to keep track of all the stuff that calls my attention when I'm walking around or eating.

Calorie count: 623