Elementary School Lunch: 01/27 - Flake-y Salad

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's salad was seasoned with katsuo (slipjack tuna) flakes, which isn't my favorite flavor ever, but the rest of our meal was pretty solid. Potatoes and hijiki seaweed bowl, natto, and rice are all pretty filling.

The bowl had bits of pork, edamame, onion, and carrot besides the potatoes and hijiki. As for the aforementioned salad, it comprised napa cabbage, carrot, and spinach. Nothing too glamorous. The natto came with the usual karashi (spicy mustard) and soy sauce, which I think is perfect.

There's nothing too special about today's lunch - pretty standard as far as Japanese flavors go. I'm just glad the fish flakes aren't a regular item, haha. I ate the salad, of course, but yeah.

Calorie count: 676