Elementary School Lunch: 01/22 - Curry in a Hurry

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's schedule was a little weird, because my students were having a recital. Instead of having lunch at 12:35 as usual, we were eating by 12. Not a huge difference, but it was shifted because the entire afternoon would then be dedicated to the kiddos and their performances. It's pretty cool, the kids sing and play instruments. That ranges from tambourines and recorders and piannicas to full-on brass bands with trumpets and clarinets. Great stuff.

Today's lunch was some pork curry, which is always a popular one. The bowl had bits of pork of course, along with onion, carrot, edamame, and potato. Simple, but filling. It was accompanied by rice and a seafood salad. The salad was cabbage with spinach, crab, and scallops, mixed with some shell pasta and a sweet sort of veggie dressing.

In case anyone has ever been curious about the curry we eat at school, whether it's heavier or anything, I should say it's a bit different from the curry you get at a restaurant. The kind we get at school usually has some apples and skim milk mixed in to make the roux and stew. The apples add great sweetness to the meal and probably helps thicken the sauce.

Calorie count: 676