Elementary School Lunch: 01/20 - Stir-fried Radish

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

I ate a mountain of radish today. It was awesome.

Because of flu or work-related travel and other things, we were missing quite a few people at work today. As such, we had plenty of extra food with the staff room's portion at lunch time, so I got to really pile on the veggies (above image is someone else's tray, by the way). Our main item was some fried fish, Spanish mackerel actually, but I skipped it in favor of more space in my tummy for the salad and the veggie bowl. 

Today's salad was bean sprouts, cabbage, cloud ear fungus, and spinach just seasoned in the kitchen. As for the bowl, it mainly had pork and radish, but also edamame, carrot, onion, konjac, and shiitake mushroom. Simple, but oh so tasty.

Calorie count: 684