Elementary School Lunch: 01/19 - 'Eating Ibaraki Week'

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today kicked off local foods week, during which we'll be enjoying foods that are either a specialty of our area or otherwise grown locally. I think that we use a lot of local foods on the regular, but this week we're making it a point to celebrate "eating Ibaraki."

Today's main dish was an omelet with some tomato inside, which was super tasty. It was accompanied by a bean sprouts salad and a two-color suiton soup. Suiton is a wheat dumpling, and it's two-color because one of them was spiked with seaweed. Ironically, this dish is traditional of Gunma prefecture, not Ibaraki. Besides the dumplings, the soup also Chinese cabbage, bits of chicken, and enoki mushroom. Plain, but tasty. The broth was great. As for the salad, it was bean sprouts, carrot, strips of ham, and spinach in non-creamy Italian dressing.

Instead of rice, we had rice bread, which is chewy and delicious. All it needed was a bit of jam. Actually, I dipped it in the leftover dressing that stayed on my plate when I was done with the salad. Haha.

Calorie count: 610