Bite-Sized Audiobook Reviews: YES PLEASE and WAISTCOATS & WEAPONRY

BooksKristina Pino2 Comments

Yes Please by Amy Poehler (narrated by Amy Poehler)

The only reason I didn't listen to this audiobook right away, like right when it was released, was because I was still deciding whether I wanted to get the print book instead. After all, if I really ended up loving this book, which I knew I would because other rad people I know have universally loved it, having a print copy is way better if only because then I can lend it out to all my friends. But then I decided that I'd rather listen to the author narrate her own book (and hear all her wonderful guests who recorded it with her), and simply buy several copies for my friends later, because it's so, so worth the money and attention.

Yes Please is absolutely hilarious, and sweet, and candid, and all of the best things I can say about it. I laughed out loud like a madwoman listening to this, and as soon as the recording ended, it took everything I had not to just hit play all over again. It's that good. It's that funny. If you're even just a little bit familiar with Amy, or are into TV or comedy or are a mom, or who knows, there are a lot of ways you can relate to this book: you need to read this. And no, I'm not just talking to my fellow ladies - my male friends have also loved and recommended it. Read it.

Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger (narrated by Moira Quirk)

This is the third book in Gail Carriger's Finishing School series, which I love dearly. I'm sad that there's just one more book coming out later this year to finish it off, but at the same time, I prefer a nicely-executed quartet to an overly-drawn-out long series. I'll probably get into Carriger's other books after this series has finished, because I love her writing style. Also in real life she's an anthropologist (that's what I studied in Uni!) and just, yeah, that's badass.

In W&W the main characters have all matured in all the best ways, and they're finding their paths beyond Mme Geraldine's. While I wish they could all just be best friends forever and keep going on adventures together for their entire careers, it's a logical step for some of them to break away to chase their own destinies. I love all of the developments, the neat way things seem to sort themselves out whenever Sophronia and her friends put their minds to it. This is a fantastic, magical, and just plain fun YA series to get into, and I also highly recommended listening to it because Moira Quirk does such a great job narrating. Her pacing and the voices and accents she uses for the different characters are all on point. Great performance. Great story. Now's a good time to get into the series since the final book is out in November - you won't have to wait too long to get the whole thing.