Elementary School Lunch: 01/13 - Stamina Tuesday

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

The threat of catching the flu is pretty high these days, so we need all the energy we can get. Today's lunch was just stamina-don and wakame (seaweed) soup, but it packed a punch.

Though donburi are typically a one-bowl deal with the rice and toppings served together, we always have our rice portioned on the side so everyone can eat as little or as much as they like. In this case, the stamina part of our stamina-don was served on a dish. It comprised beef, bamboo, garlic, buna-shimeji mushroom, miso, red peppers, chives, and onion. As for the soup, it had tofu, seaweed, enoki mushroom, carrot, spring onion, and sesame seeds.

Garlic is good for the immune system, and also helps with digestion and other things. Many of my students don't like red peppers, but this vegetable is a good source of vitamins and can help reduce anxiety. Mushrooms contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, including potassium and copper, which helps you make red blood cells and keep bones healthy. They're also antioxidant and filling, making them a great addition to any light meal. Bamboo shoots, along with some of the other ingredients in today's meal (like the red peppers), are also said to be anti-cancer foods, and bonus: they help the digestive system. They're rich in protein and amino acids, and help boost immunity with some vitamin B6.

So not only was our meal absolutely delicious, it was healthy and filling without even being a huge portion, and it was colorful and pretty to look at. We normally would have gotten another side or something with our meal, but this was enough. And I had loads of energy afterwards.

Calorie count (includes a milk carton): 615