Elementary School Lunch: 01/09 - Mochi-Kinchaku Without the Oden

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch featured some tasty mochi-inari, which is a rice cake stuffed into some fried tofu. This, I learned, is also called mochi-kinchaku, which is often one of the things you can get in your oden, a typical winter dish comprising some hot broth and fillings like boiled eggs and fish cakes. In this instance though, the mochi-inari sat on our salad plate, and accompanied some delicious udon.

As usual, the noodles came portioned and packaged on the side. The soup itself had spring onion, spinach, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, and bits of chicken. Simple, but tasty. As for the salad, it had lotus root, burdock root, corn, cabbage, and carrot, and it was topped with some Japanese-style, non-creamy sesame dressing. 

Here's a better look at that inari-mochi, which was nice and gooey on the inside:

Monday is a public holiday, so I'll be back on Tuesday with another school lunch. Have a nice weekend!

Calorie count: 607