Elementary School Lunch: week of 09/22

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Oh hi! Since I was moving the blog over to my new site, I neglected my usual lunch posts for a few days. But fear not: I still got my pictures, and I'll still talk about what we were served. As a reminder: This column runs every school day (usually), and it's just a brief description, sometimes with added cultural tidbits, about what the Japanese elementary school I work at serves all its students and staff on a given day. Enjoy!

Monday, September 22nd:

The main item today was a mushroom and cream croquette, with tuna salad, soup, and rice bread. The croquette itself was pretty bland, since mushrooms don't taste like much of anything and we didn't get sauce for it, but the rest was savory. We got some cabbage and spinach mixed in with that tuna, and the soup itself was a light broth with chunks of ham, potato, carrot, radish, and some parsley.

Bonus shot of the soup on Instagram.

Calorie count: 618

Tuesday, September 23rd: National holiday - school was out

Wednesday, September 24th:

Hashudo beef is one of my favorite Japanese foods, so Wednesday was automatically awesome. We had it with some Caesar salad and rice. Of course, the salad wasn't your traditional Caesar: it was lettuce with cucumber and spinach, little cheese cubes, and croutons with Caesar dressing. As for the bowl, it had beef, of course, and veggies in it: onion, carrot, edamame, and mushroom.

Calorie count: 689

Thursday, September 25th:

Noodles! Yay! Today's lunch was tantan-men, which we had with namul (a salad) and mushi-pan (steamed cake). The noodle soup had lods of good stuff in it, like carrot, onion, bean sprouts, mushroom, ground pork meat, and miso. The noodles came on the side, as usual. The namul comprised spinach, radish, and seaweed in dressing made from scratch in the kitchen. As for the steamed cake, it had chestnuts mixed in, which is a nod to autumn.

Calorie count: 651

Friday, September 26th:

We ended the week on a solid note, with some fried fish, salad, soup, and rice. I actually skipped the fish (pacific saury/mackerel pike) and went for a much bigger portion of salad, so I took a picture of someone else's tray, hehe. The soup was a basic Japanese-style clear soup and included carrot, onion, tofu, mushroom, and naruto. The salad was just cabbage with cucumber, spinach, ginger, and carrot with regular Japanese-style dressing.

Calorie count: 642