Elementary School Lunch: 12/08 - Monday Mixed Potatoes

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I don't usually dread Mondays the way a lot of folks seem to according to social media. Truth be told, I usually feel worse about Tuesdays than any other day. Ya see, I'm usually pretty fresh on Mondays. Wednesday it's the middle of the week. Thursday it's the day before Friday. And Fridays are just Friday. Tuesdays don't have much going for them! Unless you're me, anyway. Tomorrow's lunch is awesome. But I won't spoil the surprise.

Today was an age-pan day. Fried bread with cocoa powder on top, to go with a veggie and meatball soup, and some "mixed" potatoes. Really, it's not mixed in the sense that there were different kinds of potatoes, just that there was corn, carrot, bacon, and pepper mixed with the one regular potato and a tiny bit of cheese. It was pretty good, though! The soup was rad, too. Italian style always tends to taste best with our chocolate breads, so I was glad to see pork and chicken-blend meatballs, onion, Chinese cabbage, parsley, and carrot mixed up nicely.

Bonus shot of the potatoes from Instagram. It doesn't do them any justice, though.

Calorie count: 628