Elementary School Lunch: 12/04 - Caramel Potatoes

Kristina PinoComment

Today's lunch was, again, perfect for the cold day it turned out to be. It was cold enough that my coworkers turned on the heating in the staff room, hehe. We had some kenchin udon and caramel potatoes, with an orange for dessert. 

The bowl of soup had some good stuff in there, like spinach, onion, carrot, konjac, tofu, radish, burdock, and bits of chicken. The potatoes were just caramelized sweet potato. It was pretty perfect - I usually don't have much of the noodle pack on noodle days since our soups are so loaded with veggies and other good stuff. Instead, I had two helpings of the soup and just about a quarter of the noodles. A tasty decision, I think. 

Extra shot of my potatoes from Instagram.

Calorie count: 657