Elementary School Lunch: 12/3 - Hamburg and Bean Sprouts

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch was popular with my students: hamburg steak with rice, bean sprouts salad, and a miso soup. The steak is a beef and pork mix, and on the top it had some grated radish sauce that was pretty awesome. The salad on the side was mostly bean sprouts along with carrot and spinach - nice and colorful - with some veggie dressing. As for the soup, it was miso with potato, wakame seaweed, carrot, and onion. All simple, all tasty, and a nice mid-week meal.

Bonus shot of the salad from Instagram.

Calorie count: 671

Reminder: the calorie count includes a milk box, which is about 136 calories on its own, as well as a regular serving of each item, including the red bentou box with rice in it.