Friday Things: 12/26 - Year-end links

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[Heyo! This is the last link dump of the year. Whooooa.]

On Movies:

Laika has announced their next film!

Interesting conversation between a 5-year old girl and her father about Leia's slave outfit.

How to draw Hiro from Big Hero 6.

On Games:

Awesome episode of Nerdy Nummies in which you can learn to make Mario Kart turtle shells cake pops.

New Final Fantasy XV trailer!

On Artists and Social Media and Stuff:

A nice little post about why Stephen Amell (from Arrow) totally wins at social media. I love his Facebook page - if you aren't following it, consider it.

Great read, because I'm tired of it, too: "Stop trashing artists who disclose their finances."


The most adorable tea bag holder ever is a polar bear fishing in your tea mug.

It's a little late, but I like it enough to share for general festive-ness: "How to Decorate Your Bookshelves For the Holidays."

Great read by Annie Fitzsimmons about the Galapagos.

[Have a wonderful New Year!]