Elementary School Lunch: 12/24 - Merry Christmas Eve!

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It's Christmas Eve (almost Christmas Day for me now at the time of writing), and today was our last school lunch of the second term as well as of 2014. Rather than a Christmas cake like last year though, we had this sort of Christmas pudding as a dessert, which was pretty tasty. It was strawberry flavored, with strawberry sauce on top and a little bit of whipped cream. I didn't get a picture because, well, who could resist after opening up the cup?

The rest of our meal was awesome, too. Hashudo beef, one of my favorite Japanese foods, with rice and salad. The bowl had bits of beef in it, of course, along with edamame, mushroom, carrot, and onion. Simple, but so, so tasty. As for the salad, it was cauliflower, broccoli, corn, and cabbage, with carrots cut into star shapes and sesame seed dressing. Festive and delicious.

Lunch posts will return January 8th!

Bonus shot of the salad from Instagram.

Calorie count: 676