2015 Reading Goals!

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I've had a good long think about what reading goals I want to try and achieve next year, and have finally decided on how I want to challenge myself. And it will be a challenge, partially because I have not one, but two moves planned for Spring. It's going to be really busy, so here's hoping I'll make it through:

1. Read more books by authors of color/diverse nationalities.

I already read many books by both male and female authors - reading more lady authors would be a goal, otherwise. But now that I've got that leg of diversity figured out, I want to move on to the next logical step, which is ethnic diversity. It's important to me to read diversely and to be exposed to varying viewpoints of people from all over the world, so 2015 will be a big year in broadening my horizons.

2. Read more translated works.

This one kind of works together with point 1, but it isn't exactly the same thing. I want to read more books which weren't originally published in the English language. I'm not really sure how many books I've read in translation outside of high school curriculum. I've definitely read Murakami, and loads of manga, but I can't think of much else. I want to change that.

3. Read more books in Spanish.

Spanish is my native language, though these days I primarily communicate in English since it's my job to teach it. But I actually haven't read many books in actual Spanish since I was a kid. Why? This needs to change, too. I asked my mom about it, and she told me it's a great idea, but that books are difficult to read in Spanish, even for her. The reason for this is, as Cubans, we have our own dialect (I like to call it an "island dialect"), and often, being from Miami, Spanish and English spill over into each other and new words form that are totally not the "proper" terms for things. Double dialect confusion. Books in Spanish are written in a different way than I'm used to receiving it, in other words. In 2015, I want to read at least 5 books in Spanish. Not books translated to Spanish from English, but ones that were originally written in Spanish. It seems like a small number, that 5, but I neither want to be overly-ambitious or turn this one goal into a chore. Also, I'm going to have to buy a Spanish-English dictionary and scribble on the margins like whoa.

These are my three main goals, but I'm not done. In order to really stretch my reading habits and get out of my comfort zone, I've decided to join the Book Riot 2015 Read Harder challenge. There are 24 tasks set, which works out to roughly two books a month, with the aim of getting you, the challenger, to read more diversely. Some of these tasks are going to be easy because I do it already (read an audiobook, read a graphic novel, read a retelling of a classic, read a book written by someone whose gender is different from your own), but others are going to be more of a challenge in the sense that I have to deliberately look for books that fit the bill, like reading a book from an African author, reading a book by or about someone from an indigenous culture, or reading a book by or about someone who identifies as LGBTQ. I've got some ideas already for what books I plan to read for what task, but I don't want to "assign" books just yet because it often backfires on me when I set up a to-be-read list.

These are my reading goals for 2015, and I'm going to be updating this blog often with my progress, so I hope you'll check back on me from time to time. If you'd like to join me in the reading challenge or share your own goals, let me know! We can connect here, or on Twitter, or even G+ and Instagram. If I know you and you're connected to me via Facebook, we can bond over our reading goals there, too.

Have a great new year!