Elementary School Lunch: 12/16 - All Japanese

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Our lunches at school are often diverse or borrow this and that from other cuisines, but today's lunch was pretty much all-Japanese. The main plate had some Japanese omelet with lotus root kinpira (a kind of salad where the vegetables are sauteed), miso soup, and rice.

The lotus root was accompanied by carrot and konjac, and one of my co-workers even jokingly called it "countryside salad." It was seasoned simply then tossed with sesame seeds. As for the soup, it had sweet potato as a key ingredient, as well as bits of pork, tofu, onion, carrot, and radish.

Overall simple meal, but tasty. Bonus shot of the salad from Instagram.

Calorie count: 679