Friday Things: 12/12 - The most charming Grinch storyteller, gunpla shopping guides, and a Disney Broadway medley

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[It's getting colder and colder... we've even started getting small amounts of snow! I mean, it melts right away - it isn't cold enough for it to stick or anything - but still. SNOW!]

On Books and Comics:

A look at Amazon's best-selling books of the year. I'm pleased to see I've read exactly zero of these - it might provide some future reads if I'm stumped sometime in the future.

I have mixed feelings about the rumors re: Marvel and Sony and Spider-Man, but this passage in particular appeals to me greatly: "The idea is that the Spider-Man romance movie has been played out over five installments, so any new Spider-Man films would focus on the difficulties of being a teenager and a superhero with a romance side-story, not the film's focus. Marvel also thinks that the origin story is well-trodden territory, so any Spider-Man movies under this deal would begin with Peter Parker already leading a dual life." (via Latino-Review)

This little 5-year old girl signs a super duper charming rendition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas - love it~

On Disney:

The more I see and hear about Into the Woods, the more excited for its release I become. Now you can listen to Anna Kendrick sing "On the Steps of the Palace."

I can't get enough of VoicePlay's a cappella Disney Broadway medley.

Stuff I did:

I vlogged! Yippee!


I already shared my pal Lauren Orsini's holiday shopping guide for your anime fan/otaku pals in a previous link dump, but she recently shared another for folks who are into gunpla. It's great.

"Color Chasers" are these cool little gadgets that follow black lines and make sounds based on colors painted on those lines. They look pretty neat~

"25 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Miami" is on point. Bahaha.

"What Would Yellow Ranger Do?" Great comic about the struggles of looking different and getting that question from people with expectations, not curiosity.

[Have a great weekend!]