Elementary School Lunch: 12/11 - Enter Winter Veggies

Japan, FoodKristina PinoComment

Today we finally saw the first batch of winter vegetables in our lunch, which came in the form of a winter vegetable cream stew. It was accompanied by a seafood salad, apple bread, and some mixed fruit jelly.

The stew had so many awesome flavors in it. It comprised turnip (and turnip greens), onion, Chinese cabbage, carrot, chicken, and potato. Simple, but so, so tasty. The seafood salad was cabbage, pasta shells, and spinach with bits of crab and seaweed and other seafood bits, dressed in Italian dressing. As usual, the apple bread had actual chunks of apple in it, and as usual, it went really well with the cream stew. I love the way the apple complemented the taste of the turnip.

Bonus shot of the salad from Instagram.

Calorie count: 630