Elementary School Lunch: 11/06 - Sweet Potato Tempura

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today I had lunch with some of my second graders, which is always delightful. They're always super talkative, and fun to share a meal with. Third grade is pretty great, too. But from fourth, they start clamming up, feeling embarrassed or whatever else. For the most part, it really depends on the combination of kiddos in the lunch group I'm eating with, and their relationship with me, but yeah. I'm always happy to eat with the younger ones.

Today's lunch was chicken and scallions udon, a sweet potato tempura with other various veggies mixed in, and a radish and bean sprouts salad. The soup had bits of chicken and naruto, fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, quail eggs, carrots, spinach, and onion. The salad, aside from radish and bean sprouts, just had some ham and cucumber with veggie dressing.

It was all great, as usual.

Calorie count: 650