Friday Things: 12/1 - Learn to Draw Baymax, and Check Out Some Dorky Astronauts

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[This week was kind of rainy and stuff - I hope yours was sunnier than mine!]

On Books and Comics:

There's a YA comic out called El Deafo about growing up deaf, and this review by Cory Doctorow has convinced me I need to read it. It looks and sounds fantastic.

If you have a pal who's into comics, this newly-released hard cover edition of Saga collecting issues 1-18 might make a great gift this holiday season.

Dorky astronauts being dorky (Douglas Adams fans, do click)

On Disney:

Draw Baymax!

Anyone else looking forward to the costumes in Cinderella as much as I am? Droooooling.

Stuff I wrote:

My latest art column is a spotlight on Naruto's Hinata Hyuuga.


The amazingly talented Sonya Belousova has some great work up at the Player Piano YouTube channel. I was originally going to drop the video of her improvising Nintendo song arrangements on the spot, but I actually fell in love with her rendition of David Arnold's untitled waltz and went for that instead. You should really see everything on that channel, though - she's also done an arrangement of the Tetris theme that is not to be missed.

Super cute stop motion animation video filmed with wooden toys for Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary.

When I watched Mean Girls, I was fascinated by the realization that there are people who grow up the way Cady did - with wild animals and local tribes as friends and family, and then transferred to some Western city and a public school system. Well, Tippi's parents are wildlife photographers and raised her in Namibia, Africa for her first 10 years. I'm shocked I haven't heard about her until now, considering she's written a book and participated in 6 documentaries. More on her here.

[Have a great week!]