Elementary School Lunch: 11/21 - Friday Fish Flakes

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Friday, our 5th graders were learning a bit of emergency med skills, such as basic first aid and CPR. A couple of folks from the hospital (I think they were EMTs) came by with a bunch of dummies and, assisted by our school nurse, ran workshops all morning for the kiddos. It was pretty rad.

Friday's lunch was almost, almost perfect. Well, I guess it depends on your tastes - I don't particularly like bonito flakes, even though I'll eat grilled bonito when it shows up in our lunch. Anyway! Today's meal was some natto, salad mixed with bonito flakes, and a bowl of chicken and veggies. The salad was pretty simple, just some cabbage with spinach, carrot, and bean sprouts. The natto was accompanied by a little bit of soy sauce and karashi (a spicy mustard).

The highlight of the meal was that chicken and veggie bowl, which heavily featured sweet potato. It also had bamboo shoot, onion, carrot, and edamame. Simple, but so, so tasty.

Bonus shot of the bowl on Instagram.

Calorie count: 684