Elementary School Lunch: 11/18 - Pile of Ginger Pork

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

A few people who regularly eat from the lunch cart in the staff room were either out or helping at other classrooms today, so we had more food than we needed. When that happens, we usually try to not waste it: everyone gets a little extra. For whatever reason (well, I know why, it's because I'm a foreigner), I usually get a generous helping on these occasions. Not that I'm complaining - our food is da bomb.

Also, today's pork was apparently a gift. BEST GIFT.

The tray is upside-down in this picture. Oops.

Ginger pork, burdock salad, wakame (seaweed) soup, and rice made up our lunch today. The pork was just mixed with some onion and it was so, so perfect. As for the salad, it was more like the usual (cabbage, carrot, corn, cucumber, and spinach - colorful), but with shredded burdock added and sesame dressing on top. Tasty! And then there's the wakame soup, which is admittedly not one of my favorites, but it's good for ya, so there's that. This time around, ours had some tofu, shiitake mushroom, carrot, and onion mixed in.

Mostly I really love our colorful salad days.

Calorie count: 672