Elementary School Lunch: 11/12 - Roots and Garlic

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Tomorrow is Ibaraki Day, a prefectural holiday that doesn't necessarily mean everyone has the day off, but the kids aren't going to school, which means I'm one of the lucky adults who gets to skip work at the cost of a day off. I'm going to use it to climb Mt Tsukuba, so if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter you'll probably see some updates about that throughout my day, signal-permitting. Also weather-permitting; I won't be climbing in the rain.

Today's lunch featured root vegetables in an awesome beef-based stew, a salad, and some rice. It seems really simple, but the stew was actually super filling. The bowl had some lotus root, burdock, and potato, along with some mushroom, onion, edamame, and carrot. The salad was cabbage with tuna, spinach, and carrot, and a surprise new thing: garlic dressing. That was awesome.

Bonus shot of the stew on Instagram.

Calorie count: 681